The Fish That Saved Cleveland


Yeah, yeah, yeah, LeBron is going to the Heat. His announcement was small compared to all that hype and waiting I had to do to find out. It was on ALL day long. Then I was told he would make the announcement at 9:00 p.m. so I tuned in. I sat there for almost 30 minutes more minutes watching more b******t. Then they showed LeBron and some man sitting up like they were on The Regis & Kelly Show!! What the h**l is this? He starts interviewing him and I’m thinking ‘just say it already’. He says he just made up his mind this morning. Know that’s a lie. How come everybody else knew? True I wanted him to go to Jay-Z and the Nets, but I never thought he would take the easy road and go with the Heat. Michael Jordan stuck with one team, Kobe stuck with one team, that’s what great players do. They don’t run to a team because other ‘superstars’ are already there. They build their team up. I lost a lot of respect for LeBron tonight. I liked him, Mo Williams, and Boobie Gibson together and think he threw that city and his team mates under the bus. He’s from Ohio, he should have stayed and worked on bringing his home a championship. All I know is it must be a bad feeling to know you’ll never be welcomed in your old stomping grounds again. But then again he probably could care less…..And why did he have on an earpiece?…..

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