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I have never been a fan of podcasts. I always found them to be boring. I couldn’t understand the concept and couldn’t figure out the obsession that people had with them. In the last couple of years I have been following @Taxstone on Twitter. He always gives his honest opinion about whatever is on his mind no matter who he offends. In a time where people are trying so hard to be “politically correct” and not make their sponsors mad, this was a breath of fresh of air. I started noticing people tweeting about his podcast “Tax Season”. I ignored it for as long as I could until I finally gave in one day.


Tax Season

This podcast is his Twitter account on 100!!  I could finally put a voice with the tweets. This was Taxstone at his best. I went back and listened to all of his podcasts and became addicted and a loyal fan. He has different guests every Wednesday and if you think you can figure out his next one, or which way he’s going in the upcoming week….you can forget it. He has had up and coming hip-hop artist, (@AlBeeAl201) artists that he promotes (@Manolo_Rose, @NyemiahSupreme) and even a psychologist (@DrMayaPettiford, which is my favorite episode by the way) But today’s episode (Episode number 20) was a banger if you’re an old hip-hop head, like myself. He interviewed Jay-Z protegee Memphis Bleek and asked him every possible question you could have ever imagined.


Nyemiah Supreme, Taxstone, & Manolo Rose

Nothing is off limits with him even when he often speaks about spending time in a New York prison or the time he was shot in the face for feeling on his enemy’s  girlfriend’s a$$. He’s unapologetic and fearless and that’s why thousands tune in to his podcast on SoundCloud every Wednesday, and his new guest role on MTV2’s Uncommon Sense. I promise, if you want to laugh and find about artists that you normally would pay no attention to, subscribe to his SoundCloud channel. If it wasn’t for Taxstone I would still be listening to these watered down dj’s and never would have learned how to Milly rock on any block.

Milly Rock

Milly Rock

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