BBHMM……The Tragedy of Marie Holmes

Dirty South

Marie Holmes and her winning lottery ticket

Marie Holmes and her winning lottery ticket

Last February when single mom, Marie Holmes won $88 million dollars in the Powerball Lottery. It was a triumph for all black folks and an even a greater victory for single black women all over the world. It was portrayed in the media that Marie was raising her four children alone and one was a special needs child. She said that she would spend her winnings on a new home, her children, and a charity. Well, she must have made a contribution to the “Desperate Women In Need of Men” charity. That’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why Marie Holmes would spend $9 million of her lottery winnings to get her boyfriend/fiancee out of jail. Screen-Shot-2015-08-11-at-7.17.57-AM

After Holmes’ bailed out her drug dealing boyfriend the first time, this idiot violates the terms of his house arrest agreement and returns home after curfew prompting his P.O. to pay a visit to the home. That’s where they found marijuana and arrested both Holmes and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s bond this time was reportedly $6 million which she paid AGAIN!!! True enough Marie Holmes was very stupid for posting this multi-million dollar bond, but I have never seen a judge set bail this high for a drug dealer. According to, “judges normally adhere to standard practices when setting bail.” Standard practices are bail amounts determined by each state. However,  “judges can raise or lower the standard bail, or waive bail altogether and grant release on the defendant’s “own recognizance,” or, based on the circumstances of an individual case.”  These are some numbers I found as far as bail amounts:

  • Use of Weapon of Mass Destruction: Bail=$1,000,000
  • Possession for Sale, Sale, Transportation, or Manufacture – Controlled Substance: Bail=if more than 10 lbs. $1,000,000
  •  Possession of Restricted Biological Agents: Bail: $500,000
  • Marie Holmes & 2 of her 4 kids

    Marie Holmes & 2 of her 4 kids

    I don’t know what the judge based this amount on, but I think he knew this was a way to come up and make some money off of this naive woman. He knew she just shelled out $3 million on this fool a couple of months ago, so why not try their luck again and see if she’d take the bait. Well, it worked.  Remember she spent $9 million on bond. That means he can stay out of jail until his case goes to trial. That doesn’t mean he’s not going to prison after the trial. So what happens if she spent all this money and he still goes to prison? I think this was very ignorant and someone needs to step in before she blows all of this money. No one can tell her what to do with her winnings, but when she’s broke and on welfare, we will be the one’s taking care of her and her kids.


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