The Evolution of Joseline…LHHATL Reunion

A-T-L Shawty, Baby Mama Drama, Dirty South

LHHATL Reunion

LHHATL Reunion

The LHHATL Reunion Part 1 aired last night. Besides the usual ratchet and ghetto antics of the Atl. crew, two things stuck out to me:

  1. How much Joseline Hernandez (@MsJoseline) has changed.

2. How disrespectful Lil’ Scrappy (@reallilscrappy) and Erica Dixon (@MsEricaDixon) were towards each other.

Fight Night

Fight Night

You never know what to expect from these reunion shows and what lengths they will got to for ratings. But Joseline did not leave her seat one time. She was handling herself with, I can’t believe I’m using this word…but class. She was still telling it like only she can with her broken english/Puerto Rican ebonics but there was definitely something different about her. Even Stevie only jumped up once to charge at resident Cosby Kid, Nikko. Who could blame him though? Other than that he was surprisingly calm. I have to give it up to them both for proving that people can change.

Erica & Lil' Scrappy In Love

Erica & Lil’ Scrappy In Love

Two people that really surprised me at the reunion was Erica and Lil’ Scrappy. You never know what you might get with these two. One show they’re in love, the next they’re in love with other people, the next they’re engaged, the next they’re engaged to other people. Whatever their relationship status, they are always the parents of a little girl. So, with that in mind, it really surprised me the way they were acting on the reunion show. It was obvious to me that during this season of LHHATL Erica was feeling some kind of way about Scrappy and his new relationship with “The Bam”. I don’t know if she was jealous of the relationship or that Bambi and Scrappy were now “official” and living together. Or was it really over unpaid child support? But in every other season she had been complaining about unpaid child support from Scrappy as well. So now why all of a sudden was she so in her feeling this season? It really went overboard during this reunion when Erica and Scrappy resorted to name calling and even jumping off of their ultra suede sofas like they were about to “jump off but won’t pop off”. It was so embarrassing because they have to deal with each other for the rest of their lives. Not to mention their young daughter will one day see this exchange. They should have (I can’t believe I’m saying this..) taken hints from Joseline and Stevie J. They were actually one of the best behaved couples. (Well, compared to the last reunion.)

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