VMAS Shocker


Beyonce-MTV-Music-Video-Awards-Performance-GIFs-2016 (1)

I have never been a fan of any award show on MTV, but last night’s VMAS changed my mind. So, I’m flipping back and forth between a couple of shows: “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, “Power”, and The ID Channel. The whole time I keep checking back to see when Beyonce’ will perform. The first thing I noticed about the award show was that there were more quality celebrities in attendance than previous shows. The commentators (whoever they were) were still wack and annoying, but the overall show was better. The highlight of the show was of course Beyonce’s “Lemonade” performance.

Beyonce-MTV-Music-Video-Awards-Performance-GIFs-2016 (2)

I’m not the biggest Beyonce’ fan, but I am a fan of artists that go above and beyond. Beyonce’ definitely knows how to put on a show. And not just any show, but a mesmerizing show. She dances like it’s her last chance she’ll ever get to twerk in her life. Her routines are complicated and would exhaust normal entertainers. But she’s never out of breath or barely even breaks a sweat. You look at some mega-stars (Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Drake, P Diddy) and wonder why their videos and performances aren’t even a tenth of a degree on Beyonce’s level. Well, she explained it during her acceptance speech. She thanked her team of choreographers, dancers, and managers. It takes a group effort to make Beyonce’ shine.

These entertainers need to step up the people they work with. I hate when I’m feeling a song and when I see the video it’s so disappointing. For example, I couldn’t wait for Rihanna’s “Work” video to debut. Have you seen the way these women respond when it comes on? I’ve seen them almost drop babies on the ground from jumping up as soon as they hear the first note. So, I’m thinking the video is gonna be bananas. Not true. It was such a let down. It looked like any other of her lame videos. Nonchalant dancing, smoking weed, and Drake sliding through, like he doesn’t have a care in the world. I don’t know who is directing these videos or coming up with the concepts, but some of these artists need to look at what Beyonce’ is doing and get serious. It ain’t all about hookahs, gyrating, tattoos, high price designers, and 50,000 dancers. Be innovative, don’t settle, and wait until the performance is over before rolling that blunt…..

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