Where They Do That At?


What is up with Raz B, former member of B2K? He has seriously lost his mind. This dude is posting videos of him talking to different people about being taken advantage of by Chris Stokes and Marques Houston. I say taken advantage of because at 17 or 18 years old you’re basically a participant, unless they had a gun to your head or threatened you. Anyhoo, Raz is putting these dudes on blast about them making him have sex with both of them and the other members of B2K. I can understand him wanting to ‘out’ them, but come on dude that makes you kind of ummmm………gay. There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality but they got what they wanted and you got what you wanted, being an R & B superstar. When all of the cash was coming in, why didn’t you speak up then?

Submitted by contributing author: Wilona-The Rona Barrett of the Projects


Ocho Cinco

Chad Ochocinco

Where in the hell did they get the women for the new reality show, ‘Ochocinco: Ultimate Catch?’ from, a roller derby? These women looked old and busted! Chad Ochocinco is one of the most popular players in the NFL not because of his scoring abilities, but because of his touchdown dances and other foolishness he does on the football field. This is the same man that wanted to tweet live from football games but the league ruled against it. This ain’t no Flavor Flav, so why did all his women look like Kool Moe Dee? I had heard he only dated ‘exotic’ looking women, but even those looked like old drag queens. I hope the show gets better because Chad, you fine but I don’t know how much more I can take.

Submitted by contributing author  Wilona: The Rona Barrett of the Projects

Come & Get Yo Girl

Come & Get Yo Girl

Brittany Daniel AKA Kelly Pitts

Brittany Daniel, who plays Kelly Pitts on BET’s television show, The Game, was the talk all over Twitter Sunday night. She was even a Trending Topic after she walked the red carpet with a cut-out, black Lycra dress. My only question was, ‘Where were yo damn friends, Kelly?’ She had the whole cast with her and not one time no one pulled her aside and said, ‘Brittany, yo damn groin muscles look like a Ken doll.’? I know Tasha Mack, Malik, Jason hell anybody could have whispered in her ear, ‘Ummmm….Brittany, your body looks like Michael Phelps in that dress.’ Oh God it was disgusting! But what can you expect. She is dating Keenan-Ivory Wayans, and he looks sweeter than a Cinnabon. Some tweets said her body looked good and liked the dress, but most said she should win worst dressed, and she needs to ease up on the crunches and bench presses. Keenan-Ivory Wayans,  ‘Come & get yo girl’!!

Brittany & Keenan

Submitted by contributing author Wilona:  The Rona Barrett of the Projects

Come & Get Yo Girl

Diamond, Lil' Scrappy

I was going over some footage of the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash last night and ran across something. My V.I.P. invite must have gotten lost in the mail, (I had to work late at The Boutique anyway) so I had to resort to YouTube. Ludacris performed and brought out some special guests. First Uncle Luke performed his 1984 hits wit some strippers who looked 84. Come on Luke. When they say ‘as nasty as they wanna be’, they wasn’t talkin ‘bout yo strippers! Next Luda did the remix to “My Chick Bad”. In the words of the King, Mr. T.I. himself, Lil’ Scrappy PUHLEEEZE, ‘Come and Get Yo’ Girl’! Diamond came out there looking like an extra on the set of Glee.

Boo, how you gonna have on a leotard four sizes too big? That ain’t cute at all. THEN the baddest b$%#h herself Trina, comes on stage, and you know her outfit was fitting like a glove. If I was Diamond, I would have eased my a$$ right on over there by the speakers, jumped down in the crowd and disappeared for the night. Trust me nobody would have missed her. I don’t like to talk about people, but damn!

Submitted by contributing author Wilona:The Rona Barrett of the Projects

The Queen of M-I-A