Is There an End in Sight?

Dirty South


Florida A & M University’s troubles continue to mount.  It’s like a car spinning out of control as the university struggles to save face and regain its place as one of the top HBCUs in the country. James Ammons, President of FAMU, has resigned, effective October 11, 2012 and will become a tenured professor at the university.  Should he have resigned when the circumstances surrounding Robert Champion’s death first surfaced? Some say that hazing has been on ongoing issue at FAMU for several years.  School administrators were aware of it, but they never did anything about it.  As a matter of fact, a few days before the infamous game between Bethune-Cookman University and FAMU, several band members reported that band members were being hazed and a suggestion was made to suspend the band prior to the game.  But knowing how we love money and recognition, it was decided that the band would perform as planned.  That’s not to say the same incident would not have happened at another time, but maybe Champion would have lived longer than he did.  I have no doubt that he would have gone through the same beating he endured prior to his death, just not the night that he died. We may never know the whole story, but what we do know is that Robert Champion, a drum major at Florida A & M University, is dead. 

Lyrical Interlude

Lyrical Interlude

Purple haze all in my brain

Lately things just don’t seem the same

Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why

‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky

Purple haze all around

Am I happy or in misery

Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me

Purple haze all in my eyes

Don’t know if it’s day or night

You’ve got me blowin, blowin my mind

Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

Jimi Hendrix

WTF is this about –  Jimi Hendrix’ estate not wanting to release the rights for his music to appear on the soon to be released biopic?  What the hell are they smoking?  What will a movie about Hendrix be without his music?  Rolling Stone Magazine named him the greatest rock guitarist of all time and he only made 2 albums (yeah albums – remember those) in his short life time.

According to the tabloids, Andre 3000 seems to be perfect for the part of Hendrix.  With bell bottom pants, platform shoes and that historic wild, crazy fro, they could almost be related. It’s been 42 years since Hendrix died and we finally have a chance to bring his music back to life.  Not playing his music is like making a movie about Michael Jordan with no basketball scenes.  That’s just plain f%&*ing dumb.

Will you go see the movie without Jimi’s music?  Highly unlikely.

Andre 3000

Diddy, Are You Serious?


Diddy, Justin & Misa

We are happy that yo son, Justin, received a full ride to UCLA, but what troubles us is the $360,000 Mercedes Maybach  u gave Justin for his 16th birthday (yeah, I said 16th).  What is equally troubling are the kids who need money for tuition, but can’t afford it.  Does that thought trouble you at all? Your son is to be applauded for his accomplishments – we give him his props – but you really need to question whether keeping the scholarship funds is the right thing to do. If you can pay $360,000 for a car for a teenager, I’m sure you can pay his tuition.  What a great lesson that would be for him. 

How ‘bout that 16th birthday party.  It had to cost as much as or more than the car. Yeah, I kno it’s you money, but damn, he already has all the privileges of a member of the royal family. Put yo ego in park for once, Diddy.   This is ova the top even for you.

Justin Combs

The Next Chapter Begins

Real Housewives of DC

Stacie Turner

On August 5, 2010, we will have the pleasure of being entertained by a new group of Housewives, this time, from Washington, D. C.  While the initial concept of the show had some merit, the shows have all turned out to be nothing more than a group of silly, privileged women, with no more class than Bridezillas.  The only thing that money has done for the housewives is put them in a higher class of desperate, attention-seeking, low class females.

The shows start off well enough, but soon the real stories emerge-stories of former strippers, marital break-ups, foreclosures, cheating, back stabbers, drug users, jail birds, and my personal favorite – porno videos.  I know some women in my hood who could play these same parts, minus all the hype about how much money they have.  And the killing part is most of “housewives” aren’t even married.

I’m getting off track.  Let’s get back to D.C. and Stacie Scott Turner.  Stacie is originally from Alexandria, Virginia. She has a successful real estate practice in D.C. and is very well known for her political fund raising, and generous contributions to charitable organizations.  Stacie is married and has 2 children.

Stacie has a very impressive background.  She earned a bachelor’s degree from Howard University, and an MBA from Harvard; she was Vice-President of Marketing at BET, Marketing Director at Sprint Corporation and Assistant Brand Manager at Proctor & Gamble.  She’s a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and a member of Jack & Jill of America.

The Real Housewives takes seemingly normal, ordinary women and turns them into conniving, back biting piranhas.  Maybe it’s the lights and cameras that changes them.  It will be quite interesting and amusing to see how this series plays out.

There don’t seem to be any skeletons in this closet.  Well at least, not yet.

Is This America or What?


Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert

David Stern, we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. This means that people are allowed say what they want about any subject they want. It’s called an opinion and everyone has a right to express theirs. Your $100,000 fine of the Cav’s owner, Dan Gilbert, reeks of overstepping your boundaries simply because you can.  Let’s think about this for a moment. LeBron decided to leave Cleveland after 7 years to pursue that ever elusive NBA championship ring and all the accolades that go along with it. It’s obvious in Gilbert’s open letter on the Cav’s Website about LeBron’s departure, that one thing is evident – he sees the handwriting on the wall – fewer ticket sales, less capital for the city, and last but you bet your ass not least, declining revenues for his pockets.  LeBron was the Cleveland Cavaliers. Without him, they may as well be called the New Jersey Nets.

Did you know that Dan Gilbert is the founder and owner of Quicken Loans and during the Lebron era with the Cav’s he invested over $27 million in upgrades and renovations to the Quicken Loans Arena and another $25 million in a new player development and training center. Now you tell me, is this man upset now that LeBron is gone, or what?

Why don’t you suck it up, David Stern and let the man vent his frustration on paper.  The city’s over it, why aren’t you?

Motown of the South

A-T-L Shawty

The ATL has a new name, but not so much a new game, “Motown of the South.”  Best known for its sports, strip clubs, crime and Freaknik, Atlanta is being recognized for its hip hop scene.  From new hip hop artists to some old favorites, the ATL is steadily making its contribution to the multibillion dollar industry, including clothing, fragrance brands, businesses, recording studios and top of the charts music, Atlanta has finally come full circle.

Popular hangout spots for hip hop artists include Castleberry Hill district, Club Crucial, Justin’s (Diddy’s spot), and the ever popular Lenox Square.  Lucacris had a party at a store in the mall and T.I. threw a party at Louis Vuitton.

The South is on and popping.

Here We Go Again


As long as she doesn’t sing

The 2010 BET Awards is on 2nite and red hot with performances, awards and who knows what the hell else.  BET award shows are never put together as well as MTV award shows are.  Anything can wrong from stage malfunctions, to people in the bathroom when they’re supposed to be presenting. Queen Latifah will host, Jay Z, Kanye West, T.I., Legend, Prince, and Justin Bieber will perform.

This will be a comeback performance for West and T.I.  This is West’s first show since bum rushing Taylor Swift,  and T.I.’s first show since his release from prison last December.  Legend will receive the Humanitarian Award and Prince (or the artist formerly known as) will take home BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award, can’t wait for that.

Nominees include Jay Z, Beyonce’, Alicia Keys, Trey Songz, Melanie Fiona and whoever else BET throws into the mix.  Be sure u check this one out. We’ll talk later.

DJ S.Jizzle (Steve Jobs)


Steve Jobs

iPad Goes Hip Hop

Apple Computers stepped up its game and came out swinging by including a free app on its new iPad for mixing hip hop beats.  You can download GrooveMaker on your iPad which has a huge collection of hard beats and live re-mixing capabilities.

There’s a unique mixer-like environment with large slider controls for volume, pan and master level of the 8 controllable loop tracks as well as more immediate track controls such as tempo, solo and mute, all available on the same screen.  GrooveMaker is unsurpassed in live situations such as integrating the iPad into traditional DJ settings.  All this without using a computer.

All this geek talk means only one thing – iPad has taken mixing to the next level and at a reasonable price – namely free.  Apple’s getting in the hip hop game – let’s see what they come up with next.


Grand Theft Auto: Bankhead

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra & Apollo

OMG! How low must we go? Phaedra, If this is for real, you have reached rock bottom.

Phaedra Parks, entertainment attorney, is one the new cast mates on the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Phaedra has represented such notables as Jermaine Dupri and Bobby Brown. Parks has been around the entertainment circuit on both sides.  She is the Executive Producer o the Tiny and Toya show and has appeared on several episodes.  You might remember her as the woman who took Toya to New York  to shop her book deal. Her love life includes some low to medium heavy weights in the entertainment biz.  Parks dated Mannie Fresh, you  know him from Cash Money Records; rapper Too Short (no explanation needed); and former NFL baller Chuck Smith.

Here’s the kicker.  Phaedra recently exchanged I do’s with ex con boyfriend Apollo Nida who spent 6 years body building in one of Georgia’s  fine correctional facilities (hope he didn’t drop the soap while he was in the shower).  This brutha and 5 of his closest friends operated a criminal enterprise receiving stolen vehicles in and around Hot-Lanta.  He was still on parole for those crimes when he went on his honeymoon.

An ex con?  Come on, Phaedra. Your reputation as an attorney precedes you.  You are well respected among your colleagues and peers, but this borders on insanity and sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be hot this season.  Look out NeNe, you have just been upstaged!

Well, damn he does clean up well doesn’t he?

Suge-ar Bear


Suge Knight

Suge Knight still blames Kanye West for failing to provide proper security at a party West hosted in Miami in 2005 prior to the MTV Video Music Awards. Gunshots were fired inside the venue and the bullet struck Suge in the leg, destroying his femur bone.  Suge called a meeting recently to resolve the matter, but Kanye wasn’t havn it. Suge had his attorneys and Kanye had his.

After a very brief meeting, Kanye and his attorneys walked out, and Suge is still left with over $200,000 in medical bills from the incident.  Taking into consideration that Suge is in debt up to his shiny bald head – he owes the IRS a small fortune in back taxes, as well as other creditors trying to collect on his bad debts, the $1,000,000 he’s suing Kanye for won’t even buy him a newspaper.