The Evolution of Joseline…LHHATL Reunion

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LHHATL Reunion

LHHATL Reunion

The LHHATL Reunion Part 1 aired last night. Besides the usual ratchet and ghetto antics of the Atl. crew, two things stuck out to me:

  1. How much Joseline Hernandez (@MsJoseline) has changed.

2. How disrespectful Lil’ Scrappy (@reallilscrappy) and Erica Dixon (@MsEricaDixon) were towards each other.

Pump It Up

A-T-L Shawty

Lately there have been a lot of peculiar looking a—s on tv. With all these new ghetto reality shows on the air one can’t help but notice a strange trend that has started surfacing. The waist to a-s ratios. Almost every show has some big booty woman running around who probably didn’t look like that a couple of years ago. The latest fad for the last couple of years has been butt augmentation. It has become so popular, that women  don’t care if the doctor’s are even licensed or not. One woman was busted for giving the butt injections out of a Motel 6 room. They are done in secret locations, apartments, garages, and sometimes they will come to your home. There are so many horror stories about the injections going wrong that I don’t see why anyone would take that chance. Reports of infections, leaks, and even the women having to get the solutions drained are only a few. Some say mother’s are signing waivers so their daughters as young as 17 years-old can get the shots. Now that I think back, I have to wonder how many video hoes models, that everyone was jocking really had a natural body. Makes you say hmmmmmmm………..


Lil Scrappy……He Get It From His Momma

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Lil’ Scrappy & Momma Dee

If you tuned in to the first episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you were introduced to rapper Lil’ Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee.  When Momma Dee says she use to be a pimp back in the day, she really used to be a pimp. She says, in an interview with, that she left home at an early age because of physical abuse from her stepfather.  She successfully went on to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She says she was hit in the head and on crutches for three years.  One of her patients told her about running a call girl service.  She eventually opened up trap houses in Atlanta. She hustled for ten years until Scrappy’s career jumped off. He told his mom that he wanted her out of the business before she got into trouble.  Momma Dee is one of the most popular cast members on Love & Hip Hop and is famous for her funny quotes. “In That Order” being her most repeated. Her presence on the show should make it interesting and exciting. I can’t wait!! Follow Momma Dee on Twitter @therealmommadee.

The Snowman Has Melted

A-T-L Shawty

Young Jeezy Before

Has anyone noticed how fine Young Jeezy has gotten in the last year? When he first stepped on the scene, Jezzy was overweight with a baby face. Now the new and improved Jeezy has slimmed down and is sporting a low beard. The Snowman has melted and who knew that the real man would be this FINE!

Young Jeezy After




Stuntin’ On You

A-T-L Shawty

Roscoe Dash

That little Roscoe Dash is really starting to grow on me, especially his new single, ‘Sexy Girl Anthem’.  The 20 year-old Dash, born Jeffery Johnson, Jr. went to rap group Travis Porter and when they heard his song, ‘All the Way Turnt Up’, they wanted to be down. Roscoe gave them the song and they put it on their mixtape with him on the song. Once the song blew up, it  was being marketed as Travis Porter’s,  featuring ATL (Roscoe’s name at the time).  To distance himself from the conflict and the group, Dash googled names and came up with Roscoe Dash. Today after name changes and a couple hits later, Dash is obviously the one who came out on top, and soon everyone will be asking, “Travis Porter who?”.

Motown of the South

A-T-L Shawty

The ATL has a new name, but not so much a new game, “Motown of the South.”  Best known for its sports, strip clubs, crime and Freaknik, Atlanta is being recognized for its hip hop scene.  From new hip hop artists to some old favorites, the ATL is steadily making its contribution to the multibillion dollar industry, including clothing, fragrance brands, businesses, recording studios and top of the charts music, Atlanta has finally come full circle.

Popular hangout spots for hip hop artists include Castleberry Hill district, Club Crucial, Justin’s (Diddy’s spot), and the ever popular Lenox Square.  Lucacris had a party at a store in the mall and T.I. threw a party at Louis Vuitton.

The South is on and popping.

Go Shawty, It’s Yo Birthday!

A-T-L Shawty

Hot 107.9 in Atlanta held its 15th annual Birthday Bash this past weekend (June 19) at the Philips Arena. Celebs came through from all over to show love. Ludacris, Plies, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Pastor Troy, Shawty Lo, and closing out the show was Atlanta’s own, Gucci Mane.  The disappointment for the night by far was Ciara’s performance. She has the hottest video out right now, ‘Ride’, featuring Ludacris. The video has been banned from being shown on B.E.T and MTV, so you know it’s on point. Ci Ci’s first single, ‘Goodies’ proved that although she didn’t have the best voice, her dancing could outshine all of that. But she was a fool if she thought she could get by with just sanging.  (Even Janet Jackson ain’t that stupid).  So, she should have taken full advantage when she got the chance to perform ‘Ride’ at the Birthday Bash. Her performance looked like she and Ludacris met up backstage and said ‘Let’s do this’ and just walked on stage and did whatever. It was awful! Here I am all hyped up, and it looked like rehearsal. Ciara, girl you better quit hanging with yo new BFF’s Kim Kardashian and La La and get yo game together before you fall off again. Hopefully she’s saving it for the B.E.T. Awrds. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think?

No Love For Hov?

A-T-L Shawty


The Jay-Z/Ciara concert at Chastain Park in Atlanta was cancelled Sunday July 12, due to “rain”.  Some say Jay’s private jet wasn’t able to land in the bad weather, other’s say he was at the venue at 9:30 but didn’t perform. The concert promoters, Live Nation were surprised because of poor ticket sales so rumors started that Jay-Z never even showed up. Hov’s been called everything from too old, too corporate and plain washed up. Say what you want but one 16 from Jay-Z will crush some rappers whole CD. Maybe he should have picked another city. People in the South have never been huge Jay-Z fans anyway. Then to top it off his latest single D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune) is knocking the hustle that’s making Southern rappers like T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne millions. He offended a lot of people, including East Coast rappers like Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana by trying to influence millions of people to stop supporting music where auto-tune is being used. I’m tired of all the songs too, but  instead of Jay-Z and other hip-hop artists trying to bash it, give us some hot music and we wouldn’t have to listen to it.