Lyrical Interlude

Lyrical Interlude, T.I.

And I know we don’t show you all the time
but we lucky that you ours
no bouquet of flowers could ever
show how much we know we need you
we do all that’s in our power just to please you
see boo, f-ck them girls I would leave the World ‘fore I leave you

with all of my good days and all of my bad
you stood by your man and you know you got my back
worth every car every bag with me they wanna be that
I know what I got at home
I ain’t never gon leave that
them b-tches best believe that

Got Your Back-T.I. Feat Keri Hilson

Tiny & T.I.

I’ve been hearing rumors about T.I. and Flavor of Love Season 1 winner, Hoopz lately. They say he’s back with her and  when he appeared on The Mo’Nique Show a few weeks ago, she was in the front row. There are ALWAYS rumors about T.I. and some random chick. I have one question for everybody believing this mess. Has anybody been paying attention to T.I. lately? Every time he’s interviewed whether it’s on The Larry King Show, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, The Wendy Williams Show or being featured on a song, he’s talking about ‘the love of his life’, his fiancée, his kids mother- Tiny. He’s talking about buying her mansions, cars, designer clothes and flying her in private jets. Whenever anyone asks him how many children he has, he always says six. But it’s not until someone questions him about them, does he say that Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique, isn’t biologically his but she might as well be. No other men in the entertainment business even mention their women, even the married ones. T.I. is one of the popular and most eligible (and finest) entertainers in the game right now, but he’s letting it be known, he’s got a Boo, so in his own words, “you can try if you want to.”…………….I think you’ll be wasting your time.

Hoopz, child please!

Tip Is Back on the Big Screen


Not only is he back, Tip is back and goin strong with an upcoming new CD and a new movie that’s comin out in August.  Takers, T.I.’s new movie has some major Hollywood players including Indris Elba (he played Beyonce’s husband in the movie Obsessed), Matt Dillon (Crash, Armored),  Paul Walker (The Fast & the Furious), Chris Brown (we all know who he is), Jay Hernandez (Joy Ride, Friday Night Lights), Hayden Christensen (Jumper)  and Zoe Saldana (Drumline, Avatar).  T.I. is also the executive producer , so you know it’s gonna be a hot and sizzling piece of work.

Takers  tells the story of a group of bank robbers whose jobs are always perfectly planned and executed and you kno T.I. will play his role to the max.  The buzz has already started that this will be a major project not only for T.I., but will put him in the company of some of Hollywood’s big name actors and producers.  Not only can the brutha rap, he can act too.

Welcome back, Tip, we missed you.

I’m Back



Strike a match catch a fire see T.I add gas
What’s a molotov cocktail that never break a glass?
Scary ass nigga wanna come for me you better bring it
I ain’t mad I forgive em, God I know they ain’t mean it
Yeah I seen it all before, hater pop it and they ain’t
Rack they brain try to think how to stop it and they can’t
Ain’t that lame but then the hatred manifest to pure malice
Won’t be satisfied till somebody dies and I’m patient
Waitin’ on me and the reaper on a first name basis now
I’m a let you make it now, stay totally out the way for you
But know that we can take it any place we could take it to
Hatin’ on your blood cause guess it’s too late for you
All I could do is pray for you or organize a wake for you
Your choice, clearly I ain’t hearing your voice
Keep it up and I’m gon’ send your ass to jail without joy
Hey, you can have the bottom partner I’m a bring the sky box
I got shit locked down nigga why stop now
I’m so above you hover over suckers, why drop down?
I’m so profound it goes down and…

I’m Back-T.I.

T.I. had been off the streets for almost a year. Everybody had their chance to come out with something hard before he got out. It seems like the rap game got worse when Tip left.   Before you knew it Tip was home and he came out the gate HARD!  ‘I’m Back’ was just his first release. Have you heard his mix tape, ‘F*%k   a   Mixtape’? It is FIRE! This man has jumped  back on the scene and took the game over as if he never left. I feel sorry for all y’all lame rappers cuz it’s a wrap.

Tiny’s Ring ‘From Jail’


tiny ring

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle, T.I.’s fiancee had a birthday party at Luckie’s Lounge in Atlanta last night. Lil’ Duval, a Grand Hustle artist and comedian posted this picture on his Twitter account. (@lilduval) Supposedly T.I. gave Tiny the ring as a birthday present from jail. I know a lot is possible  while locked up but how exactly do you shop for a ring from jail? Yeah you could have left one of your boy’s  your credit card and they could have gone out, found a huge ring, and paid for it. But technically, he did not buy her this ring ‘from jail’. Not the same thing.

Lifestyles of the Snitch and Famous


Snitch niggaz, b*&%h niggaz, they all the same face
No matter what hole you crawl in, nigga you ain’t safe
All you niggaz is rats, nicknamed Jake
Sam, Curtis or Alpo belong in the same place
A penitentiary cell block gettin’ gang raped
Coward m&%$#@&$%@%r, now tell me how my name taste
I promise to never snitch, like some of my homies
G-Rock, B-Mase, and O.G. Tony
Before I have the police run in ya house
I kiss my son on the cheek and put the
gun in my mouth, m&%$#@&^%$#s    Snitch Niggaz


T.I. & Corey Williams “The Bodyguard/Snitch”

Corey, Corey, Corey….. How can you look yourself in the mirror every day? You’re a smart man, I’m sure of it. You had to know that buying those firearms for your former boss was illegal. You got away with it the first time. But over, and over and over again? Did it ever cross your mind, ‘what is my boss doing with all these d$%n guns?’ And not your everyday normal guns, you purchasing some Iraqi type s#*t. What were ya’ll planning on shooting aliens? That wasn’t enough for you. You go and start asking questions about silencers and machine guns. RED FLAG! So you get caught with the guns, right. When does it pop in your head to snitch on your boss? You’re a big dude. After all you’re a bodyguard. This is what you do. I don’t think you would have too much of a problem with inmates trying to mess with you. But T.I. on the other hand……Well, you’ve seen him. Man up, and take one for the team. Corey Williams, with a clean record, received the same sentence as T.I., who is a convicted felon. Honestly, how much more time would Corey have gotten if he hadn’t snitched?

T.I.’s New Home


forrest city

For the next 366 days T.I. will call Forrest City Federal Correctional Complex home. Although he’ll be away from family and friends, it could be a lot worse. Some people say federal prisons are similar to resorts compared to other prisons, and this one sounds more like a country club than a place where people go to be punished. T.I. will have several activities to choose from including; billiards, ping pong, volleyball, basketball, soccer, racquetball, and horseshoes. They also have a fitness center with treadmills, stationary bikes, and a cardiovascular exercise room. This prison even has a hobby craft area where he can learn leather crafting in an art studio. T.I. can have five visits per month on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and all federal holidays. A year and a day is a long time to be incarcerated but with accommodations like these all T.I. has to do is show up, the time will do itself.

It’s All About Image


t.i. and louis

What damn image?

One segment of the population don’t mean a thing when it’s time to make that paper.  Louis V,  Prada, Cristal, and Gucci don’t want rappers sportin’ their gear, but I betcha they ain’t banning ‘em from buying it.  It’s not just rappers whose careers sometimes go up in smoke.  From priests to presidents; from athletes to angels, at some point or other in this life, human nature outweighs human logic every time.

The bong smoker recently lost his endorsements after winning who remembers how many gold medals (and who cares); a well known Catholic Priest was photographed in swimming trunks rolling in the sand on the beach with a bikini-clad blond, so now he’s tryn to decide if he wants to forget about serving God and marry her.  What the *&@# is this!!!!!!

Get a grip, you high end, over-priced, stick up yo rear designers.  It’s not about the job, it’s all about the person.  Idiots come in all colors; not just black.

Human nature is a beeaatch, ain’t it!!!!!!!!