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Terrell Owens


I can’t understand how people are still getting tricked on Twitter. Now it seems that Terrell Owens, Alexander City’s finest, has been the lastest victim of a Twitter love affair gone wrong. This fool met somone (man, woman who knows) on Twitter and started DMing them. I guess it’s cheaper to  tweet her. Well next it seems they took their exploits to Skype and got a little more personal(and freaky). So the other person obviously kept the images of the nude Owens and is now shopping them around to the highest bidder. Now, I ain’t no Harvard professor or anything but I don’t think she’ll make enough to send her child to college off of the pictures. (Maybe Kinder Care)  I hope Terrell will be a little more careful next time , join or something instead of trying to mack on Twitter. But on the low low whenever and wherever those pics are released I will be front and center!!! Believe that!!

Diddy, Are You Serious?


Diddy, Justin & Misa

We are happy that yo son, Justin, received a full ride to UCLA, but what troubles us is the $360,000 Mercedes Maybach  u gave Justin for his 16th birthday (yeah, I said 16th).  What is equally troubling are the kids who need money for tuition, but can’t afford it.  Does that thought trouble you at all? Your son is to be applauded for his accomplishments – we give him his props – but you really need to question whether keeping the scholarship funds is the right thing to do. If you can pay $360,000 for a car for a teenager, I’m sure you can pay his tuition.  What a great lesson that would be for him. 

How ‘bout that 16th birthday party.  It had to cost as much as or more than the car. Yeah, I kno it’s you money, but damn, he already has all the privileges of a member of the royal family. Put yo ego in park for once, Diddy.   This is ova the top even for you.

Justin Combs

Lyrical Interlude

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Don’t you love this life like I love you
Anything you could ask, do it for you
Drop Jags, Birkin bags, Louboutin heels
Summer homes in Miami, Hollywood Hills
Vacation in Monaco
On the French Riviera with our feet up
Our lifestyles so rare, you know you ain’t going no where

“Love This Life”-T.I.

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris

Rappers love to name drop labels in their songs. In T.I.’s lastest single, “Love This Life” he mentions one brand that not many know too much about. The Birkin Bag. That’s because not too many of ‘us’ are willing to shell out between $15,ooo- $150,000 for a bag.  The Birkin Bag was created in 1984 by Hermes executive Jean-Louis Pumas after he was on a flight with actress and model Jane Birkin in 1981.  Her bag fell from an overhead compartment and she complained about not being able to find a leather weekend bag that she liked. He designed and created the leather bag for her. Since then the bag has become an icon for socialites around the world. T.I. and Tiny, I guess you really are living the life!!!

Birkin Bag

Two’s Company……



Lil Mama, Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

What’s wrong with this picture? You got Jay-Z one of the best that ever did it, (B.I.G. voice) Alicia Keys one of the hottest chicks in the game. Then you got Lil Mama……….Are you serious right now? Lil Mama what possessed you to jump on stage while Jay-Z closed the VMAS? The performance was on point too. The New York scenery in the background was dope!  Then as Jay was finishing his last verse Lil Mama appears out of nowhere. Even Jay looked disgusted.  Lil Mama you sit on stage with Shane Sparks (????) and the man from N’Sync every week on America’s Best Dance Crew, you don’t even qualify to be on the same stage with Jay. Jump on stage with Mims or Smilez & Southstar, or 2 Pistols, or J-Kwon. She just murdered her own career. No one will take her serious anymore. (like they ever did)

Jackin’ For Swagg



Vogue Evolution

The first time I heard of Leyomi Mizrahi it was after Beyonce’ made the video for ‘Single Ladies’. People were saying Beyonce’ copied everything from Leyomi’s dancing style  to her walk/bounce. After watching Leyomi’s videos on YouTube, I definitely see the similarities (biting) between the two. I’m no Beyonce’ fan, but I can’t stand when a celebrity or a person use their star power, take something from a person with less star power and use it for their own gain. Leyomi and her underground movement have been voguing for years. It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle Beyonce’ stole.   Boy was I shocked while watching America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV. Initially, the gay dudes caught my attention. I haven’t watched ABDC since the first season because all of the crews were starting to look the same. (short, Asian and scary) Finally, a crew I look forward to watching every week. Of course there will be haters but that will only add to the drama and ultimately add to the ratings. That’s what matters anyway isn’t it?

The Fatal Jump Off



Sahel Kazemi & Steve McNair

Out of all of Steve McNair’s accomplishments, he will be remembered as the man who cheated on his wife and died as a result of it. People are talking about him more now than when he led the Tennessee Titans to the Super Bowl. All of the facts haven’t been revealed about the homicide/suicide/murder or whatever, but a couple of things are clear.

1.He was dating a 20 year-old girl(not woman) he met at a Dave & Busters.

2.He bought her a Cadillac Escalade a couple of months after meeting her.

3.He spent time with her at a condominium that him and a friend were renting.

4.She had a weird relationship with an ex-boyfriend.

I’m not one to feed into stupid rumors, but a couple of questions have popped into my head.

1.(Obviously) His wife hadn’t seen him in two days. What kind of relationship did they have? I don’t know of too many women (not Black ones) whose husbands (hell, even baby daddies) had been in the streets for two days and they ain’t gathered up their girls and were out looking for him and his broad.

2.How was he able to rent and maintain his condo without anybody knowing about it? What about the Escalade in both of their names?

3.The ex-boyfriend knows a hell of a lot of info about their relationship. What woman shares intimate details about her new boyfriend with her ex? The boyfriend knows a lot more………….. Something strange about him.

A lot of bad choices were made in this relationship. The girl was only 20. McNair has a son that’s a senior in high school. Even if he wasn’t cheating on his wife, this girl was not mature enough to deal with a football all-star. Men cheat everyday some get caught, some don’t. Maybe this tragedy will save someones life. Who knows. I will remember Steve McNair as one of the first Black quarterbacks in the NFL, a star at Alcorn State University, and a mighty, mighty brother of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. What will you remember him for?

Why U Hatin’ on Hip Hop?


This is for Aubrey Berry, alleged shooter.

What is it bout the rap game that gets yo trigger finga itching, yo brain on overload and yo eyes blood red?  R u jealous, mad, stupid, crazy or just ain’t got #%@& else to do? U kill, u go to prison.  Don’t u get it?

What the hell did Dolla do 2 u?  Pissed u off?  What? Wouldn’t let u date his sista?  Wouldn’t share his paper wit u, cuz u kno rappers make loooooong green – lots of dollar, dollar dollar billz ya’ll.

U might as well b dead 2, cuz yo life is over, just like u ended his.

Duz it make u feel good? Did it put some wood n yo life when u pulled the trigga?  Just how did it feel?  How many did u put in him – 1, 2, 3?

We get beat down, put down, and let down ev’ry day by all this bs goin on out here as it is.  Now here u come wit mo unnecessary, uncalled for drama.  Yo ass is thru.

Haven’t we had enuf violence for as many lifetimes as u are old? When will it stop?  Now, here u go, just another brotha gone, make that 2 brothas gone – one dead, and the other stupid!

Good luck n yo new profession of “housewife”.  Say hi to the boyz and “girlz” 4 me.



Luv to Dolla, his family and friends.  Stay Strong.

Rappers and Their Wack Clothing Lines


It seems like as soon as a rapper has a hit or two, they want to start their own clothing line. It takes more than a hot 16 to make someone want to dress like you.  Jay-Z had men in every hood in America trading in their jerseys and sagging jeans, for button-downs and cuff links. He can do that. He’s Jigga. What are these rappers thinking about when they come up with not only the names of the clothing lines but also the style? The South doesn’t have a signature look that we are known for. (unless you count Reebok Classics. I have never seen so many grown men wearing Reebok Classics in my life!)  New York is known for Tims and bubble coats. In Cali, they rockin’ Dickies and Chucks. So southern rappers coming out with clothing lines definitely gotta bring  their ‘A’ game.



AKOO (A king of oneself)

Definitely my favorite. Rule #1: If you don’t wear your clothes, no one will. T.I. had everyone wondering about the label he was seen wearing way before he even announced he was coming out with a line. T.I. has a style all his own. A swagger that many try to imitate. Of course people want to dress like him. Who else can wear a pastel-colored suit, then be seen in a pair of tennis shoes and a hoodie and still look fly? From the boardroom to the street corner!



Bust It Baby Clothing

Definitely wack! When I heard of Plies coming out with a clothing line I thought it was for men under 5’5. The only thing I’ve ever seen Plies wearing is wife beaters, Dickies suits and fitteds. Then when I heard the name of it I thought I was being Punked!  “Bust It Baby” clothing. Are you serious? I wish I would be getting ready to go to the club and my girls called and asked what was I wearing. If I said, “Girl, I got on that new ‘Bust It Baby’ dress.” They would pull off and leave me in the driveway. Some people might buy it. (If they had 5 babies and 6 babies daddies, and one was named Imamiracle, cuz they were born on stamp day) But I’m pretty sure you won’t see this line in XXl Magazine.