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TORONTO, ON РAUGUST 03: Drake perfrrms during 2015 OVO Fest at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre on August 3, 2015 in Toronto, Canada. 

I hate that it took Meek Mill’s foolish tweets to get me back blogging. But this whole foolish beef between him and @drake has put a spark back in the game of social media. So, for the longest all we had to look forward to was the reality show tweets, new albums, boyfriend/girlfriend drama, NBA finals, lame award shows, “break babies” and all the other b.s that floods Twitter and Instagram daily.


Did You At Least Pinch the B—h?

Where They Do That At?

Charlamagne tha God

This is hilarious!!! So, Charlamagne tha God, you know the radio dj from the morning show The Breakfast Club, the one who talks s–t about EVERYONE? The one who once made Lil’ Momma cry on air? The one who calls Joseline from ‘Love & Hip Hop Atl’ Josh? Yeah, that one. Well apparently he talked about the wrong person because on his way to the radio station the other morning he almost got jumped by 5 men. Then the men recorded it with a cell phone and posted it online. Charlamagne downplayed the incident by making jokes a bout it on Twitter right after it happened. (@cthagod) He said it was 5 against 1 and he would have been a fool to try to handle all of them. So he did the oldest strategy in the world. RAN!! ¬†Which is why he gets the title he gives to other celebrities on the show when they make a fool out of themselves, “Donkey of the Day”.

View the video here.

Charlamagne tha God running like he stole something!


Where They Do That At?


What is up with Raz B, former member of B2K? He has seriously lost his mind. This dude is posting videos of him talking to different people about being taken advantage of by Chris Stokes and Marques Houston. I say taken advantage of because at 17 or 18 years old you’re basically a participant, unless they had a gun to your head or threatened you. Anyhoo, Raz is putting these dudes on blast about them making him have sex with both of them and the other members of B2K. I can understand him wanting to ‘out’ them, but come on dude that makes you kind of ummmm………gay. There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality but they got what they wanted and you got what you wanted, being an R & B superstar. When all of the cash was coming in, why didn’t you speak up then?

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