Did You At Least Pinch the B—h?

Where They Do That At?

Charlamagne tha God

This is hilarious!!! So, Charlamagne tha God, you know the radio dj from the morning show The Breakfast Club, the one who talks s–t about EVERYONE? The one who once made Lil’ Momma cry on air? The one who calls Joseline from ‘Love & Hip Hop Atl’ Josh? Yeah, that one. Well apparently he talked about the wrong person because on his way to the radio station the other morning he almost got jumped by 5 men. Then the men recorded it with a cell phone and posted it online. Charlamagne downplayed the incident by making jokes a bout it on Twitter right after it happened. (@cthagod) He said it was 5 against 1 and he would have been a fool to try to handle all of them. So he did the oldest strategy in the world. RAN!!  Which is why he gets the title he gives to other celebrities on the show when they make a fool out of themselves, “Donkey of the Day”.

View the video here.

Charlamagne tha God running like he stole something!


Lyrical Interlude

Lyrical Interlude


Something’ ’bout Mary she gone off that Molly

Now the whole party is melted like Dhali

Now everybody is movin’ they body

Don’t sell me apartment, I move in the lobby 

Lamborghini Mercy-Kanye West

So, I’ve been hearing a lot about this new drug, Molly for months now. What is it and what is the big deal with it? In short, Molly is the powdered form of the pill Ecstasy. It can induce a feeling of euphoria and intimacy towards others. News outlets have described Molly as the suburban drug of choice. Officials say the drug is often found in and around college campuses. But I’ve heard it was all over L.A. during the B.E.T. Awards. (Go figure) They say the drug is addictive alone but once mixed with cocaine it is highly addictive and dangerous. Molly goes for about $15 a hit which makes it more popular among college students. It gives the users a feeling of euphoria which they typically call “rolling”. This drug seems to have a suburban and college student appeal to it. This is one drug I hope doesn’t find its way to our ‘hoods!


Ocho Cinco, Reality Shows

Chad & Ev

While most of us were eating BBQ and popping fireworks, Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozado were jumping the broom. The couple wed yesterday in St. Martin and Chad kept everyone up to date via Twitter. There wasn’t a lot of pictures posted to the couple’s Twitter pages but Chad kept us entertained with tweets ranging from him having butterflies in his stomach to the wedding party and guests still being drunk early the next day. Evelyn revealed the wedding will air in September on the couple’s reality show.  There won’t be much of a honeymoon because Chad has to return to football training for his upcoming season with the Miami Dolphins. Congrats to the newlyweds and we can’t wait for reality show. We know it will be full of buffoonery and hopefully entertaining moments.

Twitter Macking

Terrell Owens, Uncategorized

Terrell Owens


I can’t understand how people are still getting tricked on Twitter. Now it seems that Terrell Owens, Alexander City’s finest, has been the lastest victim of a Twitter love affair gone wrong. This fool met somone (man, woman who knows) on Twitter and started DMing them. I guess it’s cheaper to  tweet her. Well next it seems they took their exploits to Skype and got a little more personal(and freaky). So the other person obviously kept the images of the nude Owens and is now shopping them around to the highest bidder. Now, I ain’t no Harvard professor or anything but I don’t think she’ll make enough to send her child to college off of the pictures. (Maybe Kinder Care)  I hope Terrell will be a little more careful next time , join Match.com or something instead of trying to mack on Twitter. But on the low low whenever and wherever those pics are released I will be front and center!!! Believe that!!

Lil Scrappy……He Get It From His Momma

A-T-L Shawty, Lil' Scrappy, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Lil’ Scrappy & Momma Dee

If you tuned in to the first episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you were introduced to rapper Lil’ Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee.  When Momma Dee says she use to be a pimp back in the day, she really used to be a pimp. She says, in an interview with eurweb.com, that she left home at an early age because of physical abuse from her stepfather.  She successfully went on to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She says she was hit in the head and on crutches for three years.  One of her patients told her about running a call girl service.  She eventually opened up trap houses in Atlanta. She hustled for ten years until Scrappy’s career jumped off. He told his mom that he wanted her out of the business before she got into trouble.  Momma Dee is one of the most popular cast members on Love & Hip Hop and is famous for her funny quotes. “In That Order” being her most repeated. Her presence on the show should make it interesting and exciting. I can’t wait!! Follow Momma Dee on Twitter @therealmommadee.

‘Outfit’ or ‘Trukfit’

Lil' Wayne

I’m sure you’ve noticed how Lil’ Wayne’s style has changed over the years. Well, now he has launched his own clothing line, called Trukfit. Lil’ Wayne says the inspiration for Trukfit came from his old Hollygrove neighborhood in New Orleans. He explained that people couldn’t afford to go to high-end chains to get their Polo and Hilfiger gear. He said there was a truck that would come around the neighborhood selling the same items. He said it wasn’t called an ‘outfit’, it was called a ‘truck fit’.  The line includes graphic tees and snapbacks.

Lyrical Interlude

Lyrical Interlude

Purple haze all in my brain

Lately things just don’t seem the same

Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why

‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky

Purple haze all around

Am I happy or in misery

Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me

Purple haze all in my eyes

Don’t know if it’s day or night

You’ve got me blowin, blowin my mind

Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

Jimi Hendrix

WTF is this about –  Jimi Hendrix’ estate not wanting to release the rights for his music to appear on the soon to be released biopic?  What the hell are they smoking?  What will a movie about Hendrix be without his music?  Rolling Stone Magazine named him the greatest rock guitarist of all time and he only made 2 albums (yeah albums – remember those) in his short life time.

According to the tabloids, Andre 3000 seems to be perfect for the part of Hendrix.  With bell bottom pants, platform shoes and that historic wild, crazy fro, they could almost be related. It’s been 42 years since Hendrix died and we finally have a chance to bring his music back to life.  Not playing his music is like making a movie about Michael Jordan with no basketball scenes.  That’s just plain f%&*ing dumb.

Will you go see the movie without Jimi’s music?  Highly unlikely.

Andre 3000

Diddy, Are You Serious?


Diddy, Justin & Misa

We are happy that yo son, Justin, received a full ride to UCLA, but what troubles us is the $360,000 Mercedes Maybach  u gave Justin for his 16th birthday (yeah, I said 16th).  What is equally troubling are the kids who need money for tuition, but can’t afford it.  Does that thought trouble you at all? Your son is to be applauded for his accomplishments – we give him his props – but you really need to question whether keeping the scholarship funds is the right thing to do. If you can pay $360,000 for a car for a teenager, I’m sure you can pay his tuition.  What a great lesson that would be for him. 

How ‘bout that 16th birthday party.  It had to cost as much as or more than the car. Yeah, I kno it’s you money, but damn, he already has all the privileges of a member of the royal family. Put yo ego in park for once, Diddy.   This is ova the top even for you.

Justin Combs


Eddie & Rocsi

What the hell is goin on here? Rocsi and Eddie Murphy? I thought Rocsi was leaving 106th & Park to furter her career not make a jackass outta herself. And did you see what Eddie had on? He looked like a broke rapper. It was ridiculous. Then Rocsi had the nerve to say they were just making a coffee run. Then why are ya’ll holding hands? I really hope Rocsi isn’t playing herself. (AGAIN) She needs to protect her image and career if she wants to go on to bigger and better things. Does anyone remember former 106th & Park host Free?…………… *crickets*…………. Case closed.

Lyrical Interlude

Lyrical Interlude, Uncategorized

Don’t you love this life like I love you
Anything you could ask, do it for you
Drop Jags, Birkin bags, Louboutin heels
Summer homes in Miami, Hollywood Hills
Vacation in Monaco
On the French Riviera with our feet up
Our lifestyles so rare, you know you ain’t going no where

“Love This Life”-T.I.

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris

Rappers love to name drop labels in their songs. In T.I.’s lastest single, “Love This Life” he mentions one brand that not many know too much about. The Birkin Bag. That’s because not too many of ‘us’ are willing to shell out between $15,ooo- $150,000 for a bag.  The Birkin Bag was created in 1984 by Hermes executive Jean-Louis Pumas after he was on a flight with actress and model Jane Birkin in 1981.  Her bag fell from an overhead compartment and she complained about not being able to find a leather weekend bag that she liked. He designed and created the leather bag for her. Since then the bag has become an icon for socialites around the world. T.I. and Tiny, I guess you really are living the life!!!

Birkin Bag