Lyrical Interlude

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Don’t you love this life like I love you
Anything you could ask, do it for you
Drop Jags, Birkin bags, Louboutin heels
Summer homes in Miami, Hollywood Hills
Vacation in Monaco
On the French Riviera with our feet up
Our lifestyles so rare, you know you ain’t going no where

“Love This Life”-T.I.

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris

Rappers love to name drop labels in their songs. In T.I.’s lastest single, “Love This Life” he mentions one brand that not many know too much about. The Birkin Bag. That’s because not too many of ‘us’ are willing to shell out between $15,ooo- $150,000 for a bag.  The Birkin Bag was created in 1984 by Hermes executive Jean-Louis Pumas after he was on a flight with actress and model Jane Birkin in 1981.  Her bag fell from an overhead compartment and she complained about not being able to find a leather weekend bag that she liked. He designed and created the leather bag for her. Since then the bag has become an icon for socialites around the world. T.I. and Tiny, I guess you really are living the life!!!

Birkin Bag

Lyrical Interlude

Lyrical Interlude, T.I.

And I know we don’t show you all the time
but we lucky that you ours
no bouquet of flowers could ever
show how much we know we need you
we do all that’s in our power just to please you
see boo, f-ck them girls I would leave the World ‘fore I leave you

with all of my good days and all of my bad
you stood by your man and you know you got my back
worth every car every bag with me they wanna be that
I know what I got at home
I ain’t never gon leave that
them b-tches best believe that

Got Your Back-T.I. Feat Keri Hilson

Tiny & T.I.

I’ve been hearing rumors about T.I. and Flavor of Love Season 1 winner, Hoopz lately. They say he’s back with her and  when he appeared on The Mo’Nique Show a few weeks ago, she was in the front row. There are ALWAYS rumors about T.I. and some random chick. I have one question for everybody believing this mess. Has anybody been paying attention to T.I. lately? Every time he’s interviewed whether it’s on The Larry King Show, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, The Wendy Williams Show or being featured on a song, he’s talking about ‘the love of his life’, his fiancée, his kids mother- Tiny. He’s talking about buying her mansions, cars, designer clothes and flying her in private jets. Whenever anyone asks him how many children he has, he always says six. But it’s not until someone questions him about them, does he say that Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique, isn’t biologically his but she might as well be. No other men in the entertainment business even mention their women, even the married ones. T.I. is one of the popular and most eligible (and finest) entertainers in the game right now, but he’s letting it be known, he’s got a Boo, so in his own words, “you can try if you want to.”…………….I think you’ll be wasting your time.

Hoopz, child please!

I’m Back



Strike a match catch a fire see T.I add gas
What’s a molotov cocktail that never break a glass?
Scary ass nigga wanna come for me you better bring it
I ain’t mad I forgive em, God I know they ain’t mean it
Yeah I seen it all before, hater pop it and they ain’t
Rack they brain try to think how to stop it and they can’t
Ain’t that lame but then the hatred manifest to pure malice
Won’t be satisfied till somebody dies and I’m patient
Waitin’ on me and the reaper on a first name basis now
I’m a let you make it now, stay totally out the way for you
But know that we can take it any place we could take it to
Hatin’ on your blood cause guess it’s too late for you
All I could do is pray for you or organize a wake for you
Your choice, clearly I ain’t hearing your voice
Keep it up and I’m gon’ send your ass to jail without joy
Hey, you can have the bottom partner I’m a bring the sky box
I got shit locked down nigga why stop now
I’m so above you hover over suckers, why drop down?
I’m so profound it goes down and…

I’m Back-T.I.

T.I. had been off the streets for almost a year. Everybody had their chance to come out with something hard before he got out. It seems like the rap game got worse when Tip left.   Before you knew it Tip was home and he came out the gate HARD!  ‘I’m Back’ was just his first release. Have you heard his mix tape, ‘F*%k   a   Mixtape’? It is FIRE! This man has jumped  back on the scene and took the game over as if he never left. I feel sorry for all y’all lame rappers cuz it’s a wrap.

Why DTP?

Lil' Scrappy


Lil Scrappy

Sometimes I wonder what  do artists look for when signing with a record label? Is it the labels history, their credibility with their audience, their roster, or simply how much are they getting paid. For example, what would make Shyne sign with Bad Boy (or anyone else for that matter, i.e. Day 26, Danity Kane, Dream, Total, Carl Thomas, The Lox, New Edition…..the list goes on and on.) or Bow Wow sign to Cash Money. So when I found out Lil’ Scrappy recently signed to Ludacris’ label DTP, I tried to be optimistic. Lil’ Scrappy, formerly signed to Warner Music Group, complained that Warner was more of a rock and roll type label and that he left because he wasn’t able to find the proper promotion. Scrappy ended up on Warner’s label because he was signed to Lil’ Jon’s BME Recordings. During this time Scrappy developed a strong fan base from his song, ‘Head Bussa’. Lil’ Jon struck up some kind of deal with Warner to take his label there. Luckily, Scrappy was able to leave Warner without any problems. I hope he thought this out. The game misses Scrappy. In the meantime, look out for Lil’ Scrappy’s mix tape ‘The Shape Up’. It features every ones favorite rhyme spitter Gucci Mane.

Tiny’s Ring ‘From Jail’


tiny ring

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle, T.I.’s fiancee had a birthday party at Luckie’s Lounge in Atlanta last night. Lil’ Duval, a Grand Hustle artist and comedian posted this picture on his Twitter account. (@lilduval) Supposedly T.I. gave Tiny the ring as a birthday present from jail. I know a lot is possible  while locked up but how exactly do you shop for a ring from jail? Yeah you could have left one of your boy’s  your credit card and they could have gone out, found a huge ring, and paid for it. But technically, he did not buy her this ring ‘from jail’. Not the same thing.

No Love For Hov?

A-T-L Shawty


The Jay-Z/Ciara concert at Chastain Park in Atlanta was cancelled Sunday July 12, due to “rain”.  Some say Jay’s private jet wasn’t able to land in the bad weather, other’s say he was at the venue at 9:30 but didn’t perform. The concert promoters, Live Nation were surprised because of poor ticket sales so rumors started that Jay-Z never even showed up. Hov’s been called everything from too old, too corporate and plain washed up. Say what you want but one 16 from Jay-Z will crush some rappers whole CD. Maybe he should have picked another city. People in the South have never been huge Jay-Z fans anyway. Then to top it off his latest single D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune) is knocking the hustle that’s making Southern rappers like T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne millions. He offended a lot of people, including East Coast rappers like Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana by trying to influence millions of people to stop supporting music where auto-tune is being used. I’m tired of all the songs too, but  instead of Jay-Z and other hip-hop artists trying to bash it, give us some hot music and we wouldn’t have to listen to it.

ATL. Representer


usher_michael jackson2

Everyone has their favorite memory from the Michael Jackson Memorial. It was very classy, well organized, and an inspiration for African-Americans around the world. Stevie Wonder, Jermaine Jacksoon, Rev. Al Sharpton, Brooke Shields and  Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris were the most sincere and heartfelt. But it was Atlanta’s own Usher Raymond that stood out. Usher sort of fell off after his last CD didn’t do so well on the charts. Then recently he’s been  going through a highly publicized divorce with wife, Tameka. So, I didn’t know what to expect from him.  The performance started just as the performers before him, on stage singing. But when Usher walked down the stairs and toward the family I thought to myself, ‘this is going to be good’.  Usher walked to the casket, placed one hand on it and sang to it as if he was singing to Michael Jackson himself. He couldn’t even finish the song without breaking down. As soon as he finished the last note, the Jackson family rushed to him and hugged him. It will be the moment I will always remember about the memorial of the Greatest Entertainer Ever!

Why You All In My Grill?

Keyshia Cole


Have ya’ll seen pictures of Keyshia Cole and her new man, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard,  Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson? Well every time you see them she’s always hanging all over him, up in his grill, nipping at his heels, sitting in his face. Damn, Keysh can he breathe? After only a few months, they say she has a tattoo with his name on her shoulder. Keyshia pump your brakes just a bit, sit back and play your position. Remember it wasn’t that long ago when Young Jeezy said Keyshia bought him a ring and proposed to him. He turned her down and said she was moving too fast, and even started stalking him after they split up. Who has to stalk Young Jeezy? Seems like Boobie’s a good dude. Let’s just hope Keyshia doesn’t run him off.

keyshiaboobie keyshia boobie


Baby Mama-Baby Drama

Baby Mama Drama

A-ight, listen up!  How many mo babies u gonna have with that man b4 he decides it’s time to man-up and legalize this thang? If u good enuf to give up the cookie and have his crumb snatchers, then u good enuf to go the whole nine.  One crumb snatcher, yeah.  When it turns into 2, or 3, or more, go file the papers, stand in front of a judge and get the damn thang done.

It’s about respect – respect for you, respect for yo child(ren) and respect for himself.  Too many sistas get caught up in havn babies to “catch a man”.  Who winds up getting caught?  U know who!  Rappers ain’t no different from regular folks.  Different baby mama, same baby drama.


T.I. & Tiny

T.I., my nigga, I kno u dealing with some other s%&* right now, but how bout yo shorties and their mamas?  Can u pick one? At least make one or two of yo shorties legit.  Y’all sistas gotta stop letn these men use u for their fun and games, u end up carryn their seed and they move on to some other slimmy leavn u high, dry and pissed off.  Now, here comes the drama – you can’t stand him, he can’t stand you, the baby needs shoes, pampers, milk, and you need money.  He don’t wanna give u nuthin til u prove he the baby daddy.  T.I., you are the father!


Lil’ Rocko, Monica & Romello

Ok, Monica and Rocko, yo turn!  What up? What’s yo story?  Just like all these other brothers out here, calling yo’self a thug, but can’t step up, make a commitment to yo woman and yo children. What’s mo important, thugdom or being a man?  Make a choice, pick a side.  U even deny that u and Monica are that close, but y’all got babies 2gether.  I ain’t mad at u Rocko, I just hate 2 c kids get caught up n grown folks drama.  Keep doin what u do and I’ll keep watchn to c how it plays out.


Lyrical Interlude

Lil' Scrappy, Lyrical Interlude

outfit pricey, don’t she look icey,
gutta as it gets yea I like my chicks feisty,
always tryna fight me, I don’t fight back,
cuz she hangs up all mad then she calls me right back.
look she wanna be my wifey, poppin rubberbands,
a beat downs likely if u push up on her man,
I don’t think you understand she’ll do it on tha double,
tha baddest little chick I can’t keep her out of trouble

Gutta Chick-Trai’D

lil' scrappy and diamond

Lil’ Scrappy & Diamond

Aahhhh, ghetto love at its finest. Don’t you just love it? These two have been at it for awhile. There’s been baby mama drama, group break-ups, pregnancies and engagement rumors-all the makings of a ghetto fairy tale. I don’t know how this one will end up but I hope it doesn’t involve stitches, restraining orders, or the police.