Come & Get Yo Girl

Come & Get Yo Girl

Brittany Daniel AKA Kelly Pitts

Brittany Daniel, who plays Kelly Pitts on BET’s television show, The Game, was the talk all over Twitter Sunday night. She was even a Trending Topic after she walked the red carpet with a cut-out, black Lycra dress. My only question was, ‘Where were yo damn friends, Kelly?’ She had the whole cast with her and not one time no one pulled her aside and said, ‘Brittany, yo damn groin muscles look like a Ken doll.’? I know Tasha Mack, Malik, Jason hell anybody could have whispered in her ear, ‘Ummmm….Brittany, your body looks like Michael Phelps in that dress.’ Oh God it was disgusting! But what can you expect. She is dating Keenan-Ivory Wayans, and he looks sweeter than a Cinnabon. Some tweets said her body looked good and liked the dress, but most said she should win worst dressed, and she needs to ease up on the crunches and bench presses. Keenan-Ivory Wayans,  ‘Come & get yo girl’!!

Brittany & Keenan

Submitted by contributing author Wilona:  The Rona Barrett of the Projects

Road To Redemption


I will be the first to admit, the BET Awards this year really impressed me. In the past, the awards were always so well…….ghetto. Of course all of the stars would come out, but it was so poorly put together. I know it’s Black Entertainment Television, but it’s not a crime to at least ask some white folks for a little advice on putting together a good show. The performances weren’t as exciting as past years. The top three in my book were Diddy-Dirty Money (Puffy is an entertainer, he knows how to put on a show), Eminem (it was a tie with him and T.I., but Em was focused), and the surprise of the night El Debarge (I thought he was locked up or something). I’ll give Alicia Keys honorable mention. I was on the edge of my seat when she crawled up on that piano.

I have to give BET their props for letting Chris Brown perform. Compared to the last minute, wack Michael Jackson tributes last year, Chris deserved this. After the trouble he got himself into with Rihanna, it would have been too soon to perform at the 2009 awards. I don’t think America was ready to forgive and embrace Chris. But after all his begging and boo-hooing via Twitter, a lot of people wanted Chris to be given a second chance. After all, we forgave Kobe, Michael Vick, T.I., and R.Kelly. His performance was the best I have seen. But it wasn’t his dancing that everyone was talking about. It was the pain he was going through trying to get out the words to ‘Man In the Mirror’.  This was his chance to let everyone see the anguish he has been living with the past year. This was the stage he needed to ask for forgiveness. This was the night that his career was resurrected!

Here We Go Again


As long as she doesn’t sing

The 2010 BET Awards is on 2nite and red hot with performances, awards and who knows what the hell else.  BET award shows are never put together as well as MTV award shows are.  Anything can wrong from stage malfunctions, to people in the bathroom when they’re supposed to be presenting. Queen Latifah will host, Jay Z, Kanye West, T.I., Legend, Prince, and Justin Bieber will perform.

This will be a comeback performance for West and T.I.  This is West’s first show since bum rushing Taylor Swift,  and T.I.’s first show since his release from prison last December.  Legend will receive the Humanitarian Award and Prince (or the artist formerly known as) will take home BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award, can’t wait for that.

Nominees include Jay Z, Beyonce’, Alicia Keys, Trey Songz, Melanie Fiona and whoever else BET throws into the mix.  Be sure u check this one out. We’ll talk later.