VMAS Shocker


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I have never been a fan of any award show on MTV, but last night’s VMAS changed my mind. So, I’m flipping back and forth between a couple of shows: “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, “Power”, and The ID Channel. The whole time I keep checking back to see when Beyonce’ will perform. The first thing I noticed about the award show was that there were more quality celebrities in attendance than previous shows. The commentators (whoever they were) were still wack and annoying, but the overall show was better. The highlight of the show was of course Beyonce’s “Lemonade” performance.

Jackin’ For Swagg



Vogue Evolution

The first time I heard of Leyomi Mizrahi it was after Beyonce’ made the video for ‘Single Ladies’. People were saying Beyonce’ copied everything from Leyomi’s dancing style  to her walk/bounce. After watching Leyomi’s videos on YouTube, I definitely see the similarities (biting) between the two. I’m no Beyonce’ fan, but I can’t stand when a celebrity or a person use their star power, take something from a person with less star power and use it for their own gain. Leyomi and her underground movement have been voguing for years. It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle Beyonce’ stole.   Boy was I shocked while watching America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV. Initially, the gay dudes caught my attention. I haven’t watched ABDC since the first season because all of the crews were starting to look the same. (short, Asian and scary) Finally, a crew I look forward to watching every week. Of course there will be haters but that will only add to the drama and ultimately add to the ratings. That’s what matters anyway isn’t it?