Real Talk…….Tax Season

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I have never been a fan of podcasts. I always found them to be boring. I couldn’t understand the concept and couldn’t figure out the obsession that people had with them. In the last couple of years I have been following @Taxstone on Twitter. He always gives his honest opinion about whatever is on his mind no matter who he offends. In a time where people are trying so hard to be “politically correct” and not make their sponsors mad, this was a breath of fresh of air. I started noticing people tweeting about his podcast “Tax Season”. I ignored it for as long as I could until I finally gave in one day.

King James Version


I’m sorry but am I the other one hoping that LeBron chooses to play for Jay-Z’s team the New Jersey Nets? All night I’ve been listening to people speculating where LeBron James will choose to play ball. Maybe two analyists had the Nets on their list, and that was maybe their third or fourth pick. Jay-Z became part owner of the Nets in 2004. He only owns a small portion of the Nets but I’m pretty sure he has say-so when it comes to the team. Everyone knows Jay and Lebron have been close friends for years. This would be a good look for hip-hop if Lebron chooses the Nets.  Plus the New Jersey Nets are about to become the Brooklyn Nets. Epic. I can’t wait to see who he chooses, but for the sake of hip-hop, I hope he goes to Brooklyn.