Pump It Up

A-T-L Shawty

Lately there have been a lot of peculiar looking a—s on tv. With all these new ghetto reality shows on the air one can’t help but notice a strange trend that has started surfacing. The waist to a-s ratios. Almost every show has some big booty woman running around who probably didn’t look like that a couple of years ago. The latest fad for the last couple of years has been butt augmentation. It has become so popular, that women  don’t care if the doctor’s are even licensed or not. One woman was busted for giving the butt injections out of a Motel 6 room. They are done in secret locations, apartments, garages, and sometimes they will come to your home. There are so many horror stories about the injections going wrong that I don’t see why anyone would take that chance. Reports of infections, leaks, and even the women having to get the solutions drained are only a few. Some say mother’s are signing waivers so their daughters as young as 17 years-old can get the shots. Now that I think back, I have to wonder how many video hoes models, that everyone was jocking really had a natural body. Makes you say hmmmmmmm………..


Lyrical Interlude

Lyrical Interlude

You don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
Done been the places I been
Who can spend the grands that I spend
F–k bout 5 or 6 best friends
And you don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
That’s off the chain like me
That’ll floss the thang like me
On a awful thang like me
You don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
That sell more a-s than me
You know nann hoe
That’ll make you c–e like me
Nigga you don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
That done tried all types of s–t
Who quick to deep throat the d–k
And let another b—h straight lick the c–t

The Baddest B%$#H

Well, she does it again. Miami rapper Trina has landed another NBA superstar. It is rumored that Trina is now dating Oklahoma City Thunder, 6th man of the Year Award winner James Harden. She is 33 and Harden 22. Can you say COUGAR! We don’t blame you girl. Get in where you fit in!! We are not hating at all. She was just dating Kenyon Martin not too long ago. He even had Trina’s lips tatooed on his neck. Well……..she did say “you don’t nann”!!!!

James Harden

Butt Shots

Nicki Minaj


Everyday I’m starting to notice bigger asses. Not a little here and there I’m talking about DONKS! I hope the butt injection craze hasn’t made its way to Alabama, because we can’t afford anymore foolishness down here, trust me. So, these dumb asses are injecting a substance called Hydrogel into their butts. Hydrogel is FDA approved for filling wrinkles and scars but not for butt augmentation. Women are so desperate for the butt injections they meet at secret locations like hotel rooms to get the illegal injections. Hydrogel goes for $5 per cc. A usual dose is 250cc per cheek which comes to $2,500 for the procedure. And I’m pretty sure in some ghettos, they’re doing ass shots cheaper than that. Soon you’ll be able to use your EBT or WIC vouchers for the shots. With celebs like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian reportedly walking around with fake asses, it’s no wonder the cheap imitators are following. But if their asses are enhanced, trust me they aren’t meeting in a Super 8 Motel getting them done. Ladies step yo game up!!!

Nicki Minaj

Kim Kardashian