Lyrical Interlude

Lyrical Interlude

You don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
Done been the places I been
Who can spend the grands that I spend
F–k bout 5 or 6 best friends
And you don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
That’s off the chain like me
That’ll floss the thang like me
On a awful thang like me
You don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
That sell more a-s than me
You know nann hoe
That’ll make you c–e like me
Nigga you don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
That done tried all types of s–t
Who quick to deep throat the d–k
And let another b—h straight lick the c–t

The Baddest B%$#H

Well, she does it again. Miami rapper Trina has landed another NBA superstar. It is rumored that Trina is now dating Oklahoma City Thunder, 6th man of the Year Award winner James Harden. She is 33 and Harden 22. Can you say COUGAR! We don’t blame you girl. Get in where you fit in!! We are not hating at all. She was just dating Kenyon Martin not too long ago. He even had Trina’s lips tatooed on his neck. Well……..she did say “you don’t nann”!!!!

James Harden

Tiny’s Ring ‘From Jail’


tiny ring

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle, T.I.’s fiancee had a birthday party at Luckie’s Lounge in Atlanta last night. Lil’ Duval, a Grand Hustle artist and comedian posted this picture on his Twitter account. (@lilduval) Supposedly T.I. gave Tiny the ring as a birthday present from jail. I know a lot is possible  while locked up but how exactly do you shop for a ring from jail? Yeah you could have left one of your boy’s  your credit card and they could have gone out, found a huge ring, and paid for it. But technically, he did not buy her this ring ‘from jail’. Not the same thing.

Baby Mama Number One

Antonia 'Toya' Carter

lil wayne toya

Who is Antonia ‘Toya’ Carter? We all know she’s Lil’ Wayne’s baby mama/ex-wife. But we didn’t know she has a mother battling a drug addiction to crack, and a father in prison. Like a lot of  people I thought the reality show, ‘Tiny & Toya’ was going to be about two hoodrats trying to make a name for themselves riding their baby daddies fame. So far I’m wrong. The first episode saw the two women dealing with serious family issues. Toya was very well spoken and doesn’t come across as cocky or arrogant. I mean she was married to one of the world’s biggest hip-hop stars.  She and Wayne met in the seventh grade and she had her daughter when she was only 14. Since then Lil’ Wayne has a couple more baby mamas and has been involved with quite a few women in the industry. I can’t help but wonder if Toya will be the one he let get away.

antonia carter cuttipiez picture photobucket

Why You All In My Grill?

Keyshia Cole


Have ya’ll seen pictures of Keyshia Cole and her new man, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard,  Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson? Well every time you see them she’s always hanging all over him, up in his grill, nipping at his heels, sitting in his face. Damn, Keysh can he breathe? After only a few months, they say she has a tattoo with his name on her shoulder. Keyshia pump your brakes just a bit, sit back and play your position. Remember it wasn’t that long ago when Young Jeezy said Keyshia bought him a ring and proposed to him. He turned her down and said she was moving too fast, and even started stalking him after they split up. Who has to stalk Young Jeezy? Seems like Boobie’s a good dude. Let’s just hope Keyshia doesn’t run him off.

keyshiaboobie keyshia boobie


Baby Mama-Baby Drama

Baby Mama Drama

A-ight, listen up!  How many mo babies u gonna have with that man b4 he decides it’s time to man-up and legalize this thang? If u good enuf to give up the cookie and have his crumb snatchers, then u good enuf to go the whole nine.  One crumb snatcher, yeah.  When it turns into 2, or 3, or more, go file the papers, stand in front of a judge and get the damn thang done.

It’s about respect – respect for you, respect for yo child(ren) and respect for himself.  Too many sistas get caught up in havn babies to “catch a man”.  Who winds up getting caught?  U know who!  Rappers ain’t no different from regular folks.  Different baby mama, same baby drama.


T.I. & Tiny

T.I., my nigga, I kno u dealing with some other s%&* right now, but how bout yo shorties and their mamas?  Can u pick one? At least make one or two of yo shorties legit.  Y’all sistas gotta stop letn these men use u for their fun and games, u end up carryn their seed and they move on to some other slimmy leavn u high, dry and pissed off.  Now, here comes the drama – you can’t stand him, he can’t stand you, the baby needs shoes, pampers, milk, and you need money.  He don’t wanna give u nuthin til u prove he the baby daddy.  T.I., you are the father!


Lil’ Rocko, Monica & Romello

Ok, Monica and Rocko, yo turn!  What up? What’s yo story?  Just like all these other brothers out here, calling yo’self a thug, but can’t step up, make a commitment to yo woman and yo children. What’s mo important, thugdom or being a man?  Make a choice, pick a side.  U even deny that u and Monica are that close, but y’all got babies 2gether.  I ain’t mad at u Rocko, I just hate 2 c kids get caught up n grown folks drama.  Keep doin what u do and I’ll keep watchn to c how it plays out.


Lip Service



I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two more fools have gone and got lip tattoos on their necks. The first fool is Que (Qwanell Mosley) from the group Day 26. He’s been dating Dawn Richard from the disbanded female group, Danity Kane. So I’m hoping those are her lips.

quanell-and-dawnQue & Dawn

Next we have teenage rap hustler, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em.  He reportedly just tattooed a pair of red lips on his neck. Rumor is the lips belong to reality TV star, Tila Tequila. I hope this is untrue. She was just linked to r & b singer, Ray J.

soulja boy lips tattooSoulja Boy Tell ‘Em

I don’t know what the big fascination with lip tattoos are these days, but they are very unattractive. Especially if you’re under the age of 21, like both of these guys are. I guess it’s better than getting your woman’s name tattoed, because when they break up, they can always say it was somebody else’s lips. Good luck fellas!

If It Isn’t Love


kenyon-martin lips-sandra rose

They don’t call her ‘the baddest b%$#h’ for nothing. Miami, rapper Trina has got to be doing something for NBA star Kenyon Martin to tattoo her lips in bright red on his neck. While still married! He has gotten a lot of flak from fellow NBA players about the tattoo. I guess he’s never heard the saying, “you can’t turn a h% into a housewife”.


Nigga you don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
That don’ tried all types of s$#t
Who quick to deep throat the d@#k
And let another b&%@h straight lick the —-
Now you don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
That’ll keep it wet like me
Make it come back to back like me
Lick a nigga n%t s@#k like me
Now you don’t know nann hoe uh-uh
That’ll ride the d*&k on the dime
Who love to f&%k all the time
One who’s p*$#y fatter than mine
B$#@h you don’t know nann hoe


Lyrical Interlude

Lil' Scrappy, Lyrical Interlude

outfit pricey, don’t she look icey,
gutta as it gets yea I like my chicks feisty,
always tryna fight me, I don’t fight back,
cuz she hangs up all mad then she calls me right back.
look she wanna be my wifey, poppin rubberbands,
a beat downs likely if u push up on her man,
I don’t think you understand she’ll do it on tha double,
tha baddest little chick I can’t keep her out of trouble

Gutta Chick-Trai’D

lil' scrappy and diamond

Lil’ Scrappy & Diamond

Aahhhh, ghetto love at its finest. Don’t you just love it? These two have been at it for awhile. There’s been baby mama drama, group break-ups, pregnancies and engagement rumors-all the makings of a ghetto fairy tale. I don’t know how this one will end up but I hope it doesn’t involve stitches, restraining orders, or the police.