Diddy, Are You Serious?


Diddy, Justin & Misa

We are happy that yo son, Justin, received a full ride to UCLA, but what troubles us is the $360,000 Mercedes Maybach  u gave Justin for his 16th birthday (yeah, I said 16th).  What is equally troubling are the kids who need money for tuition, but can’t afford it.  Does that thought trouble you at all? Your son is to be applauded for his accomplishments – we give him his props – but you really need to question whether keeping the scholarship funds is the right thing to do. If you can pay $360,000 for a car for a teenager, I’m sure you can pay his tuition.  What a great lesson that would be for him. 

How ‘bout that 16th birthday party.  It had to cost as much as or more than the car. Yeah, I kno it’s you money, but damn, he already has all the privileges of a member of the royal family. Put yo ego in park for once, Diddy.   This is ova the top even for you.

Justin Combs

Motown of the South

A-T-L Shawty

The ATL has a new name, but not so much a new game, “Motown of the South.”  Best known for its sports, strip clubs, crime and Freaknik, Atlanta is being recognized for its hip hop scene.  From new hip hop artists to some old favorites, the ATL is steadily making its contribution to the multibillion dollar industry, including clothing, fragrance brands, businesses, recording studios and top of the charts music, Atlanta has finally come full circle.

Popular hangout spots for hip hop artists include Castleberry Hill district, Club Crucial, Justin’s (Diddy’s spot), and the ever popular Lenox Square.  Lucacris had a party at a store in the mall and T.I. threw a party at Louis Vuitton.

The South is on and popping.