Dee Nice

New Orleans


I thought I was hearing things when I watched the video from New Orleans rapper Dee-1. He’s taking shots at America’s sweethearts, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne. This dude is going in too. It’s either gonna make him or break him, but I like his confidence. Hell, no one else will do it.

He basically tells Fif that he’s slaughtering the careers of other rappers true enough, but all of them are black. That’s what they want us to do, so it’s another ‘W’ for the other team………SO TRUE!!

He tells Weezy F that the shout outs to New Orleans at the Grammys was cool, but when is he going to give back to the city, namely the schools. Dee-1 ain’t biting his tongue on this one.

On to H to the Izzo. Dee-1 says Jay-Z has so much influence on hip-hop culture that he needs to use his voice and let it be known how he feels about these young cats and wack rappers messing up the culture. He says Jay doesn’t have to be the next Talib Kweli, but damn, say SOMETHING! I feel you on that Dee-1.

I don’t know what the future holds for this talented rapper, because if any of these three lyricists takes anything he says the wrong way, it could be a wrap for him. Oh well, you be the judge.


The Fish That Saved Cleveland


Yeah, yeah, yeah, LeBron is going to the Heat. His announcement was small compared to all that hype and waiting I had to do to find out. It was on ALL day long. Then I was told he would make the announcement at 9:00 p.m. so I tuned in. I sat there for almost 30 minutes more minutes watching more b******t. Then they showed LeBron and some man sitting up like they were on The Regis & Kelly Show!! What the h**l is this? He starts interviewing him and I’m thinking ‘just say it already’. He says he just made up his mind this morning. Know that’s a lie. How come everybody else knew? True I wanted him to go to Jay-Z and the Nets, but I never thought he would take the easy road and go with the Heat. Michael Jordan stuck with one team, Kobe stuck with one team, that’s what great players do. They don’t run to a team because other ‘superstars’ are already there. They build their team up. I lost a lot of respect for LeBron tonight. I liked him, Mo Williams, and Boobie Gibson together and think he threw that city and his team mates under the bus. He’s from Ohio, he should have stayed and worked on bringing his home a championship. All I know is it must be a bad feeling to know you’ll never be welcomed in your old stomping grounds again. But then again he probably could care less…..And why did he have on an earpiece?…..

King James Version


I’m sorry but am I the other one hoping that LeBron chooses to play for Jay-Z’s team the New Jersey Nets? All night I’ve been listening to people speculating where LeBron James will choose to play ball. Maybe two analyists had the Nets on their list, and that was maybe their third or fourth pick. Jay-Z became part owner of the Nets in 2004. He only owns a small portion of the Nets but I’m pretty sure he has say-so when it comes to the team. Everyone knows Jay and Lebron have been close friends for years. This would be a good look for hip-hop if Lebron chooses the Nets.  Plus the New Jersey Nets are about to become the Brooklyn Nets. Epic. I can’t wait to see who he chooses, but for the sake of hip-hop, I hope he goes to Brooklyn.

Two’s Company……



Lil Mama, Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

What’s wrong with this picture? You got Jay-Z one of the best that ever did it, (B.I.G. voice) Alicia Keys one of the hottest chicks in the game. Then you got Lil Mama……….Are you serious right now? Lil Mama what possessed you to jump on stage while Jay-Z closed the VMAS? The performance was on point too. The New York scenery in the background was dope!  Then as Jay was finishing his last verse Lil Mama appears out of nowhere. Even Jay looked disgusted.  Lil Mama you sit on stage with Shane Sparks (????) and the man from N’Sync every week on America’s Best Dance Crew, you don’t even qualify to be on the same stage with Jay. Jump on stage with Mims or Smilez & Southstar, or 2 Pistols, or J-Kwon. She just murdered her own career. No one will take her serious anymore. (like they ever did)

No Love For Hov?

A-T-L Shawty


The Jay-Z/Ciara concert at Chastain Park in Atlanta was cancelled Sunday July 12, due to “rain”.  Some say Jay’s private jet wasn’t able to land in the bad weather, other’s say he was at the venue at 9:30 but didn’t perform. The concert promoters, Live Nation were surprised because of poor ticket sales so rumors started that Jay-Z never even showed up. Hov’s been called everything from too old, too corporate and plain washed up. Say what you want but one 16 from Jay-Z will crush some rappers whole CD. Maybe he should have picked another city. People in the South have never been huge Jay-Z fans anyway. Then to top it off his latest single D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune) is knocking the hustle that’s making Southern rappers like T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne millions. He offended a lot of people, including East Coast rappers like Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana by trying to influence millions of people to stop supporting music where auto-tune is being used. I’m tired of all the songs too, but  instead of Jay-Z and other hip-hop artists trying to bash it, give us some hot music and we wouldn’t have to listen to it.