Camp Crystal Lake


Lake Lanier

What’s up with all these deadly accidents on Lake Lanier in Georgia recently? The most recent being Kile Glover, Tameka Foster Raymond’s son. Obviously, Kile is  the most publicized, since he’s Usher’s stepson, but there are more victims than him. On Sunday, July 1, 23 year-old Jember Hernandez drowned while swimming with family and friends. On Monday 21 year-old Sergio Edwards of Illinois was found unresponsive in the water beneath a water slide. He later died at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Nineteen-year-old Tomas Larumbe drowned when he was reported missing. Responders found his body an hour later. At almost the same time, a woman reported that her husband dove off their pontoon boat into the lake and never resurfaced. His body was never discovered. The summertime is the most popular time of the year for families to enjoy themselves by going to lakes and water parks. Please pay attention to all safety precautions and to your surroundings at all times.