Praying For Lamar Odom




I remember the day Lamar Odom was traded to the Lakers I had a conversation with someone about how him and Kobe would clash because both had the abilities to be a team leader. I continued to follow Lamar’s successes and failures over the years. Since I was always a fan of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, it was a surprise to see Lamar on the show dating one of the Kardashian sisters. And I must admit, out of the three, I was glad that it was Khloe Kardashian that he had fallen for. It was evident on the show that Khloe genuinely loved Lamar and was trying to make their marriage work. 

Lyrical Interlude

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Don’t you love this life like I love you
Anything you could ask, do it for you
Drop Jags, Birkin bags, Louboutin heels
Summer homes in Miami, Hollywood Hills
Vacation in Monaco
On the French Riviera with our feet up
Our lifestyles so rare, you know you ain’t going no where

“Love This Life”-T.I.

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris

Rappers love to name drop labels in their songs. In T.I.’s lastest single, “Love This Life” he mentions one brand that not many know too much about. The Birkin Bag. That’s because not too many of ‘us’ are willing to shell out between $15,ooo- $150,000 for a bag.  The Birkin Bag was created in 1984 by Hermes executive Jean-Louis Pumas after he was on a flight with actress and model Jane Birkin in 1981.  Her bag fell from an overhead compartment and she complained about not being able to find a leather weekend bag that she liked. He designed and created the leather bag for her. Since then the bag has become an icon for socialites around the world. T.I. and Tiny, I guess you really are living the life!!!

Birkin Bag

Butt Shots

Nicki Minaj


Everyday I’m starting to notice bigger asses. Not a little here and there I’m talking about DONKS! I hope the butt injection craze hasn’t made its way to Alabama, because we can’t afford anymore foolishness down here, trust me. So, these dumb asses are injecting a substance called Hydrogel into their butts. Hydrogel is FDA approved for filling wrinkles and scars but not for butt augmentation. Women are so desperate for the butt injections they meet at secret locations like hotel rooms to get the illegal injections. Hydrogel goes for $5 per cc. A usual dose is 250cc per cheek which comes to $2,500 for the procedure. And I’m pretty sure in some ghettos, they’re doing ass shots cheaper than that. Soon you’ll be able to use your EBT or WIC vouchers for the shots. With celebs like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian reportedly walking around with fake asses, it’s no wonder the cheap imitators are following. But if their asses are enhanced, trust me they aren’t meeting in a Super 8 Motel getting them done. Ladies step yo game up!!!

Nicki Minaj

Kim Kardashian