Tip Is Back on the Big Screen


Not only is he back, Tip is back and goin strong with an upcoming new CD and a new movie that’s comin out in August.  Takers, T.I.’s new movie has some major Hollywood players including Indris Elba (he played Beyonce’s husband in the movie Obsessed), Matt Dillon (Crash, Armored),  Paul Walker (The Fast & the Furious), Chris Brown (we all know who he is), Jay Hernandez (Joy Ride, Friday Night Lights), Hayden Christensen (Jumper)  and Zoe Saldana (Drumline, Avatar).  T.I. is also the executive producer , so you know it’s gonna be a hot and sizzling piece of work.

Takers  tells the story of a group of bank robbers whose jobs are always perfectly planned and executed and you kno T.I. will play his role to the max.  The buzz has already started that this will be a major project not only for T.I., but will put him in the company of some of Hollywood’s big name actors and producers.  Not only can the brutha rap, he can act too.

Welcome back, Tip, we missed you.

You Can Take a Person Out of the Ghetto….



Last week I decided to go out on a limb and actually see a movie at an actual theater. Big mistake. My family and I went to see ‘The Orphan’. The movie got off to a slow start, so it was quiet in the movie theater. Halfway through it started getting scary. The scarier the movie got, the more ghetto the audience became. It started with an “oh s%$t” and later on turned to “girl don’t take yo a$$ out there!”  Two women were literally screaming at the screen for 45 minutes. The last time they were at the movies was probably when they went to see ‘Boyz-N-the Hood’. It was so embarrassing! It was the worst $25 I ever spent. Oh well…..back to bootlegs.