‘Outfit’ or ‘Trukfit’

Lil' Wayne

I’m sure you’ve noticed how Lil’ Wayne’s style has changed over the years. Well, now he has launched his own clothing line, called Trukfit. Lil’ Wayne says the inspiration for Trukfit came from his old Hollygrove neighborhood in New Orleans. He explained that people couldn’t afford to go to high-end chains to get their Polo and Hilfiger gear. He said there was a truck that would come around the neighborhood selling the same items. He said it wasn’t called an ‘outfit’, it was called a ‘truck fit’.  The line includes graphic tees and snapbacks.

Hey Little Walter

Antonia 'Toya' Carter

Walter ‘TriFelon’ Johnson


Walter Johnson, Antonia Carter’s brother made his debut last night on the premiere of season two of the BET reality show, The Tiny & Toya Show.  Walter and Toya’s relationship wasn’t on good terms because Walter had been locked up for over ten years for an armed robbery conviction.  On the episode he comes to town and he and Toya get into a shouting match about their turbulent upbringing and where they stand now. It all ends well with them making up and Toya calling Tiny to see if Walter can use her studio because he wants to be a rapper. O.K. first of all this dude can really spit. TriFelon became a lover of economics, science, math and social conditions affecting him and his community while in prison. He came to realize that education was the key to success. He raps about racism, Hurricane Katrina, and problems African-Americans face. He has a gritty edge and a raspy voice. Once he gets some hot tracks to lay his vocals on, I think he’ll be a problem. Toya seems to be making the lives of everyone around her positive. She has been blessed and it’s good to see her helping her family in a positive way as long as they are willing to help themselves. I’m rooting for Walter. He has something that a lot of young black men don’t ever get. A second Chance. Good Luck!

Fan Appreciation Day

Lil' Wayne

Lil’ Wayne has been locked up for a couple of weeks and to let his fans know that he’s thinking about them, he launched weezythanxyou.com. When I saw the site I thought it was just a letter to the fans thanking them for their support. Nothing new right? But near the end Lil’ Wayne acknowledges certain people who’s letters have touched him specifically. He says the name of the person then points out things about their letter that meant something to him. It shows that he really is not only reading the letters but taking something from them also. I know you’re thinking, “he’s in prison. What else he got to do?” He could be doing a lot of things, but he is responding to his fans and that’s big!

How You Get Fired On Your Day Off?

Young Money



What’s the deal with Young Money Ent.? They are kind of all over the place. True enough they are signing some talented MC’s, but what do they plan on doing with them?  Record companies use to be like cliques consisting of best friends, cousins, homeboys, childhood friends. Some of them couldn’t even rap, but  all of them belonged there. When Young Money signed Omarion this summer, I wondered where were they going with this one. How did he fit in? (Does 50 Cent and The Game ring a bell?) When I think of  an artist starting their own label I think of Roc-A-Fella, No Limit, Ruff Ryders, G-Unit, and Derrty Ent. They are loyal to each other ‘cuz they got some sort of bond between them. They know what makes each other tick and what pisses each other off. You can’t bring a dude off the streets and expect him to automatically click with dudes that’s been knowing each other for years. Rumors are floating around on Twitter that Omarion leaked a song and it cost him his spot on Young  Money’s roster.

I’m Married to CMR

Young Money


Bow Wow announced via his Twitter (@bowwow614) that he  has signed to Cash Money Records. First of all I thought Bow Wow said he was retired. His last CD, New Jack City II, I think went double wood on the charts. Ever since he announced  his signing with Cash Money, Bow Wow has been shouting CMR (Cash Money Records) and YM (Young Money), Lil’ Wayne’s record label. Well, some of the Young Money artists (Tyga, Jae Millz)  must not have been aware of Bow Wow’s new home, because when they heard, they made sure to let all of their twiggas on Twitter know that Bow Wow is signed to Cash Money not Young Money. Bow made sure to reiterate that it was still the same family. How will Bow Wow’s style and swagger mesh with the rest of Cash Money/Young Money? After all they recently signed hip-hop’s savior, Drake. Will he fit in? One things for sure they also just signed Bow Wow’s homie Omarion. Now if only they can sign Pretty Ricky they’ll have their very own ‘Scream Tour’.

Baby Mama Number One

Antonia 'Toya' Carter

lil wayne toya

Who is Antonia ‘Toya’ Carter? We all know she’s Lil’ Wayne’s baby mama/ex-wife. But we didn’t know she has a mother battling a drug addiction to crack, and a father in prison. Like a lot of  people I thought the reality show, ‘Tiny & Toya’ was going to be about two hoodrats trying to make a name for themselves riding their baby daddies fame. So far I’m wrong. The first episode saw the two women dealing with serious family issues. Toya was very well spoken and doesn’t come across as cocky or arrogant. I mean she was married to one of the world’s biggest hip-hop stars.  She and Wayne met in the seventh grade and she had her daughter when she was only 14. Since then Lil’ Wayne has a couple more baby mamas and has been involved with quite a few women in the industry. I can’t help but wonder if Toya will be the one he let get away.

antonia carter cuttipiez picture photobucket

Young Mullah Baby!

Young Money


Lil’ Wayne

How do you forget the words to your own song? Bryan “Baby” Williams, one-half founding member of Cash Money Records, needs to sit his old a%s down. The Young Money Ent. performance at the EBT……(my bad) B.E.T. Awards was bad enough cuz’ of preteen girls dancing onstage to their hit ‘I Wish I Could F$@K Every Girl in the World’, but when Baby brought his 1998 ‘Ball Til You Fall’ mentality on stage, it was a wrap for me.  He is obviously no match for Lil’ Wayne’s lyrical ability. His lyrics never rhyme and there’s a guarantee you’ll hear these words in his rhymes: ‘like father like son’, ‘ball ‘til you fall’, ‘uptown stunter’, ‘I thought you knew’, ‘paper plates’, ‘already’,  ‘sittin on’. The label is called ‘Young Money Entertainment’ for a reason. Baby you don’t fit anywhere in this equation. So please fall back. And Drake, you are the most talked about rapper since 50 Cent. Everybody is waiting on your debut cd to drop. You closed the B.E.T. Awards Show without even having a record deal. Just on the strength of your mixtape. A word of advice….Image is everything in hip-hop. You performing that garbage with Young Money brought your stock down a tad. You are our only hip-hop savior. Please don’t ruin your chance before you even come out the gate. Make better choices in the future.

Birdman, Bryan Baby Williams]Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams

Lyrical Interlude

Lyrical Interlude

Yeah, when I was 16 I bought my first Mercedes Benz,

I must have  f***** a thousand b****** and they girlfriends

Stunting Like My Daddy-Lil’ Wayne

lauren_london_102Lauren London

Lauren London had her whole career ahead of her. After appearing in the 2006 movie, ATL as T.I.’s love interest, Lauren was being offered tons of scripts and roles to consider. Now the only role she will be remembered for is the role of ‘one of Lil’ Wayne’s baby mommas.’ I know how it sounds, but wait there’s more. Apparently, she’s not the only one carrying his seed.


R & B singer Nivea is also pregnant by Lil’ Wayne and both women are due in September. Nivea who was married to singer/producer The Dream, already has three children.

lil wayne & antonia carterLil’ Wayne & Antonia Carter

Lil’ Wayne also has two other children with two other women, Reginae, (10) by ex-wife, Antonia Carter and 6 month-old Dwayne Michael Carter III, by Sarah B, a Vietnamese/Caucasian nail tech from Cincinnati.

lil-wayne-baby-motherSarah B, baby momma #2

This will be real interesting because Lauren had to find out about Nivea’s pregnancy via the internet. Now Weezy doesn’t want to have anything to do with Lauren, AND him and Nivea are supposed to get married in the next few months. Lauren is so worried about what this situation will do to her career that she’s turning down roles and will only be photographed from the neck up. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

My Dream Come True

Cash Money Records

cashmoneyIf I ain’t a Hot Boy then what do you call that?- Juvenile 400 Degreez

Are the Hot Boys really reuniting? Several members of the group have been teasing us about them getting back together. If this is true do you know what this could do to the rap game? The members are Lil’ Wayne, who’s the only member still signed to Cash Money/Universal, Juvenile and BG signed to Atlantic, Mannie Fresh, who is independent, and Turk, who I think is still locked up. I’m all for the reunion, but I do question the motives. Back in the day before Weezy was crowned ‘the Greatest Rapper Alive’, Juvie and the rest of the crew were talking real greasy about Lil’ Wayne and Baby. Juvie accused the label of stealing concert proceeds and basically lying about how much money the group was making. Eventually everyone left Cash Money except Wayne. Fast Forward to the present….Everything that Weezy touches turns to gold. What have you heard from the former members of the Hot Boys lately? Not a d$#n thing? Of course the rest of the group wants to ride Lil’ Wayne’s coat tails. Juvie and the guys have to step up their game. Are they still relevant in hip-hop? All we can do is wait. Guys don’t let us down!