Go Shawty, It’s Yo Birthday!

A-T-L Shawty

Hot 107.9 in Atlanta held its 15th annual Birthday Bash this past weekend (June 19) at the Philips Arena. Celebs came through from all over to show love. Ludacris, Plies, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Pastor Troy, Shawty Lo, and closing out the show was Atlanta’s own, Gucci Mane.  The disappointment for the night by far was Ciara’s performance. She has the hottest video out right now, ‘Ride’, featuring Ludacris. The video has been banned from being shown on B.E.T and MTV, so you know it’s on point. Ci Ci’s first single, ‘Goodies’ proved that although she didn’t have the best voice, her dancing could outshine all of that. But she was a fool if she thought she could get by with just sanging.  (Even Janet Jackson ain’t that stupid).  So, she should have taken full advantage when she got the chance to perform ‘Ride’ at the Birthday Bash. Her performance looked like she and Ludacris met up backstage and said ‘Let’s do this’ and just walked on stage and did whatever. It was awful! Here I am all hyped up, and it looked like rehearsal. Ciara, girl you better quit hanging with yo new BFF’s Kim Kardashian and La La and get yo game together before you fall off again. Hopefully she’s saving it for the B.E.T. Awrds. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think?

Rappers and Their Wack Clothing Lines


It seems like as soon as a rapper has a hit or two, they want to start their own clothing line. It takes more than a hot 16 to make someone want to dress like you.  Jay-Z had men in every hood in America trading in their jerseys and sagging jeans, for button-downs and cuff links. He can do that. He’s Jigga. What are these rappers thinking about when they come up with not only the names of the clothing lines but also the style? The South doesn’t have a signature look that we are known for. (unless you count Reebok Classics. I have never seen so many grown men wearing Reebok Classics in my life!)  New York is known for Tims and bubble coats. In Cali, they rockin’ Dickies and Chucks. So southern rappers coming out with clothing lines definitely gotta bring  their ‘A’ game.



AKOO (A king of oneself)

Definitely my favorite. Rule #1: If you don’t wear your clothes, no one will. T.I. had everyone wondering about the label he was seen wearing way before he even announced he was coming out with a line. T.I. has a style all his own. A swagger that many try to imitate. Of course people want to dress like him. Who else can wear a pastel-colored suit, then be seen in a pair of tennis shoes and a hoodie and still look fly? From the boardroom to the street corner!



Bust It Baby Clothing

Definitely wack! When I heard of Plies coming out with a clothing line I thought it was for men under 5’5. The only thing I’ve ever seen Plies wearing is wife beaters, Dickies suits and fitteds. Then when I heard the name of it I thought I was being Punked!  “Bust It Baby” clothing. Are you serious? I wish I would be getting ready to go to the club and my girls called and asked what was I wearing. If I said, “Girl, I got on that new ‘Bust It Baby’ dress.” They would pull off and leave me in the driveway. Some people might buy it. (If they had 5 babies and 6 babies daddies, and one was named Imamiracle, cuz they were born on stamp day) But I’m pretty sure you won’t see this line in XXl Magazine.