Baby Mama Number One

Antonia 'Toya' Carter

lil wayne toya

Who is Antonia ‘Toya’ Carter? We all know she’s Lil’ Wayne’s baby mama/ex-wife. But we didn’t know she has a mother battling a drug addiction to crack, and a father in prison. Like a lot of  people I thought the reality show, ‘Tiny & Toya’ was going to be about two hoodrats trying to make a name for themselves riding their baby daddies fame. So far I’m wrong. The first episode saw the two women dealing with serious family issues. Toya was very well spoken and doesn’t come across as cocky or arrogant. I mean she was married to one of the world’s biggest hip-hop stars.  She and Wayne met in the seventh grade and she had her daughter when she was only 14. Since then Lil’ Wayne has a couple more baby mamas and has been involved with quite a few women in the industry. I can’t help but wonder if Toya will be the one he let get away.

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