Suge-ar Bear


Suge Knight

Suge Knight still blames Kanye West for failing to provide proper security at a party West hosted in Miami in 2005 prior to the MTV Video Music Awards. Gunshots were fired inside the venue and the bullet struck Suge in the leg, destroying his femur bone.  Suge called a meeting recently to resolve the matter, but Kanye wasn’t havn it. Suge had his attorneys and Kanye had his.

After a very brief meeting, Kanye and his attorneys walked out, and Suge is still left with over $200,000 in medical bills from the incident.  Taking into consideration that Suge is in debt up to his shiny bald head – he owes the IRS a small fortune in back taxes, as well as other creditors trying to collect on his bad debts, the $1,000,000 he’s suing Kanye for won’t even buy him a newspaper.