Gucci This, Gucci That, Gucci Everything


Boy has the rap game changed over the years. Men use to rap about the dope game and  women with big butts. Female emcees would talk about designer labels and fashion designers. Lately there is a new trend. Men are name dropping labels and high-end fashions in their songs. Rappers like Future, Kanye West, T.I., 2 Chainz and Jay-Z are talking about designers that I can’t even pronounce let alone afford. (Margiela)  I know some of the labels the rappers are sporting are knock-offs, but  just the fact that they know about them intrigues me. I think it’s a fad and probably won’t last too much longer, but I can say that it is very impressive and is definitely a good look, fellas.    


Come & Get Yo Girl

Come & Get Yo Girl

Brittany Daniel AKA Kelly Pitts

Brittany Daniel, who plays Kelly Pitts on BET’s television show, The Game, was the talk all over Twitter Sunday night. She was even a Trending Topic after she walked the red carpet with a cut-out, black Lycra dress. My only question was, ‘Where were yo damn friends, Kelly?’ She had the whole cast with her and not one time no one pulled her aside and said, ‘Brittany, yo damn groin muscles look like a Ken doll.’? I know Tasha Mack, Malik, Jason hell anybody could have whispered in her ear, ‘Ummmm….Brittany, your body looks like Michael Phelps in that dress.’ Oh God it was disgusting! But what can you expect. She is dating Keenan-Ivory Wayans, and he looks sweeter than a Cinnabon. Some tweets said her body looked good and liked the dress, but most said she should win worst dressed, and she needs to ease up on the crunches and bench presses. Keenan-Ivory Wayans,  ‘Come & get yo girl’!!

Brittany & Keenan

Submitted by contributing author Wilona:  The Rona Barrett of the Projects