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I have never been a fan of podcasts. I always found them to be boring. I couldn’t understand the concept and couldn’t figure out the obsession that people had with them. In the last couple of years I have been following @Taxstone on Twitter. He always gives his honest opinion about whatever is on his mind no matter who he offends. In a time where people are trying so hard to be “politically correct” and not make their sponsors mad, this was a breath of fresh of air. I started noticing people tweeting about his podcast “Tax Season”. I ignored it for as long as I could until I finally gave in one day.


Twitter Macking

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Terrell Owens


I can’t understand how people are still getting tricked on Twitter. Now it seems that Terrell Owens, Alexander City’s finest, has been the lastest victim of a Twitter love affair gone wrong. This fool met somone (man, woman who knows) on Twitter and started DMing them. I guess it’s cheaper to  tweet her. Well next it seems they took their exploits to Skype and got a little more personal(and freaky). So the other person obviously kept the images of the nude Owens and is now shopping them around to the highest bidder. Now, I ain’t no Harvard professor or anything but I don’t think she’ll make enough to send her child to college off of the pictures. (Maybe Kinder Care)  I hope Terrell will be a little more careful next time , join or something instead of trying to mack on Twitter. But on the low low whenever and wherever those pics are released I will be front and center!!! Believe that!!

How You Get Fired On Your Day Off?

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What’s the deal with Young Money Ent.? They are kind of all over the place. True enough they are signing some talented MC’s, but what do they plan on doing with them?  Record companies use to be like cliques consisting of best friends, cousins, homeboys, childhood friends. Some of them couldn’t even rap, but  all of them belonged there. When Young Money signed Omarion this summer, I wondered where were they going with this one. How did he fit in? (Does 50 Cent and The Game ring a bell?) When I think of  an artist starting their own label I think of Roc-A-Fella, No Limit, Ruff Ryders, G-Unit, and Derrty Ent. They are loyal to each other ‘cuz they got some sort of bond between them. They know what makes each other tick and what pisses each other off. You can’t bring a dude off the streets and expect him to automatically click with dudes that’s been knowing each other for years. Rumors are floating around on Twitter that Omarion leaked a song and it cost him his spot on Young  Money’s roster.

I’m Married to CMR

Young Money


Bow Wow announced via his Twitter (@bowwow614) that he  has signed to Cash Money Records. First of all I thought Bow Wow said he was retired. His last CD, New Jack City II, I think went double wood on the charts. Ever since he announced  his signing with Cash Money, Bow Wow has been shouting CMR (Cash Money Records) and YM (Young Money), Lil’ Wayne’s record label. Well, some of the Young Money artists (Tyga, Jae Millz)  must not have been aware of Bow Wow’s new home, because when they heard, they made sure to let all of their twiggas on Twitter know that Bow Wow is signed to Cash Money not Young Money. Bow made sure to reiterate that it was still the same family. How will Bow Wow’s style and swagger mesh with the rest of Cash Money/Young Money? After all they recently signed hip-hop’s savior, Drake. Will he fit in? One things for sure they also just signed Bow Wow’s homie Omarion. Now if only they can sign Pretty Ricky they’ll have their very own ‘Scream Tour’.

NFL vs. @ogochocinco

Ocho Cinco


Cincinnati Bengal Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson has made the game of football entertaining and exciting. Besides his acrobatic catches and lighting fast speed, his touchdown celebrations are one of a kind, ‘cuz you never know what he’ll do next. Well with the Twitter hype taking over the world, Chad came up with the idea of  Twittering during NFL games. I’ll admit Twitter is the new crack, and I am one of the thousands of ogochocinco’s followers. He talks about going to practice, dinner, boxing workouts, his daughter’s birthday celebration and there’s even a little baby mama vs. girlfriend beef going on that’s very interesting. But Twittering during an actual game, I knew that wouldn’t happen. I can’t see anyone running off the field between downs, grabbing their cell phone and sending text messages. Instead of what? Listening to your coaches, going over plays, watching the game to see what’s going on. Not a good idea Chad. But it would have been interesting to see what would be instantly running through his mind after scoring a touchdown. Good Night, My Twiggas